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2024, 06/18 06:36 (5day) Posted | 2024, 06/18 23:04 (5day) Updated
Comment pre-posting is a function that sends a webhook when a comment is posted and waits for a response before posting.

You can process the comment content with your own program, modify the comment content before posting it, or cancel posting altogether.
For example, you can process the body of comments using AI, integrate with your own NG filters, or apply replacements.

Comments won't be posted until processing is complete, increasing comment lag for viewers.
If you simply want to get new comments, please do not use this Webhook and use the existing "New Comments" Webhook.

To avoid disrupting the user experience, if the Webhook execution time (including handshake) exceeds 6 seconds, the process will time out and be ignored.

External Connection Webhook

Want AI to turn all your comments into ladylike speech?
It's easier to use the hidden mode, which allows you to do this yourself (this feature allows you to create the same thing yourself).

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2024, 05/11 03:49 (43day) Posted | 2024, 05/11 03:51 (43day) Updated
If you have set up Premium Emotions as a MagicalGift reward,
Now you can use this as a sticker too.

Stickers stand out because they appear at the top of every post comment.

Viewers who have Premium Emotion rights can
Click the "Premium Stickers" button on the top right of the emotion list screen.
You can switch emotions to use as stickers.
The default is off and can be turned back off later.

If the Premium Emotion benefit is limited in time (subscription), the stickers will no longer be available for use once the period expires.

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2024, 03/29 18:12 (86day) Posted | 2024, 05/07 06:25 (47day) Updated
We have added a "catch-up playback" feature that allows you to watch live broadcasts up to two hours back.

For live broadcasts that have been running for more than 5 minutes since push connection, a red bar will appear at the bottom of the video, allowing you to rewind to any time you like.

During playback, the bar will turn light blue, and you can seek to any point in time.
You can always return to live by seeking to the end or using the refresh button.
You can also seek from the time section in the comments section, just like time shifting.

In addition, variable speed playback allows you to increase the playback speed up to twice as fast, and once you have caught up with the live broadcast, it will automatically switch to live viewing.

Catch-up playback is available on the PC version, smartphone browser version, and smartphone app version.
You cannot track and play HEVC broadcasts in non-HEVC compatible environments, such as Firefox or Typewriter.

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2024, 03/11 11:20 (104day) Posted | 2024, 03/12 20:30 (103day) Updated

An educational toy that produced a large number of Kukupo millionaires and other camels.
"Magical Collect 2", the latest version of "Magical Collect", is now available for play.

By far the highest payout rate of any game to date!
Earn bonuses and special events to increase your Kukupo! !

Magical collect 2

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2024, 02/26 20:40 (118day) Posted | 2024, 02/26 20:41 (118day) Updated
Due to a server equipment failure, the following functions were malfunctioning between 16:48 and 20:30 on 02/26.

・Recording/watching recordings of live broadcasts/Watching live broadcasts (low image quality mode, only in environments that do not support HEVC)
Approximately 30% of the total

Restoration has now been completed.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

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2023, 12/09 18:12 (197day) Posted | 2023, 12/09 18:14 (197day) Updated
We have improved the method of calculating the retention period for Time Shift and changed it to the method used by File Now, etc.
Although this will vary depending on the storage capacity of the destination server, the content will be saved for about six months to one year after the last time it was viewed.

Even if the deadline approaches, new views will be counted from there, so the time shift that continues to be watched will remain forever.

With this update, individual calculations will be abolished, so preferential storage period benefits based on distributor level will be abolished.

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2023, 12/08 17:34 (198day) Posted | 2023, 12/08 17:36 (198day) Updated
Added a function that automatically ends the broadcast when the user falls asleep if there is no mouse movement or speech for over an hour.

You can use it by turning on Coffret's "Details" > "Automatic end of broadcast when falling asleep".

Distribution will be automatically terminated when the following conditions are met.

・Mouse has not moved for more than 1 hour ・No speech has been made for more than 30 minutes (Coffret's "Tools" > "Voice Recognition Subtitles" is turned on)
・No comments for more than 10 minutes (regardless of broadcaster or viewer)

A warning will be displayed in the comment field 10 minutes before the specified time, and if 10 minutes pass without any of the above actions, the broadcast will automatically end.

Automatic termination using this function will not be penalized for neglected distribution.
Additionally, when this function is enabled, the function to report unattended broadcasts will be disabled.

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2023, 11/17 01:18 (219day) Posted | 2023, 11/23 18:21 (213day) Updated
We have released version 3.4.0 of the distribution app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (iOS version)".

・Now supports H265/HEVC distribution. (Camera distribution)
If your device is on iOS17 or later, use HEVC.

- The optimal resolution is now automatically selected depending on the performance of the device. (Camera distribution)
For iOS17 and later, the maximum is 720p30.

- Supports image stabilization (camera distribution)
Press the car icon to enable it. The correction is as effective as an action camera, but there is a delay of 1 to 2 seconds due to the correction process.

- In the case of portrait delivery, the area around the center has been enlarged without leaving any margins on the left and right sides. (Camera distribution)

・Improved the stability of screen streaming.

-Removed from the UI due to the abolition of the non-recording distribution frame.
Recording can be disabled in the broadcast settings.

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (iOS version)

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2023, 11/15 19:17 (221day) Posted | 2023, 11/24 21:12 (212day) Updated
We have released version 3.31.1 of the distribution app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)".

- H.265/HEVC codec can now be used in camera distribution mode.
Models equipped with an H.265/HEVC hardware encoder will automatically distribute using the HEVC codec.

-Added the "Always use the device's microphone" setting.
When turned on, only the reading sound will be played via the Bluetooth headset using the microphone on the smartphone even when a Bluetooth headset is connected.
Due to Android specifications, the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets is significantly degraded, so the sound quality will be better if you use the microphone on the main unit.
Since v3.27.0 (2023/07/9), the Bluetooth microphone was forced to be used, so this setting will return the sound quality to the original. On by default.

- Added image stabilization function.
You can turn it on from the car icon.

-Improved resolution settings in automatic mode.
Resolution is now determined according to device performance.

- Due to the unification of distribution frames, the button for the non-recording distribution frame has been removed.
You can disable recording from the broadcast settings. Please see the notice below for more details.

- The notation and design have been corrected.
・Fixed the bug.

kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)

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2023, 11/07 11:35 (229day) Posted | 2023, 11/30 01:36 (206day) Updated
Now supports the "H.265/HEVC" codec, which allows for higher-quality distribution than H.264.
HEVC provides up to twice the image quality compared to H.264 at the same bit rate.

It is said that images with intense movement appear particularly clearly.
Below is a screenshot with a bitrate of 2.5Mbps.

[Streamer switching guide]

If you are using an encoder that supports Enhanced RTMP (OBS v29.1 or later), HEVC distribution is possible by changing the settings.

1. Open the OBS settings screen and change the "Output mode" on the "Output" tab to "Details".
2. Select the one below that includes "HEVC" from "Video encoder".

Which settings are available depends on your environment.
・If using GeForce: NVIDIA NVENC HEVC
・If using Radeon or AMD built-in: H265/HEVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework)
・For Intel CPU built-in or Intel Arc: QuickSync HEVC
・For Mac: Apple VT HEVC hardware encoder

3. The keyframe interval will be changed to "0" (automatic), so change it back to "1".

[Viewer's guide]

You can watch HEVC distribution in original quality in the following environment.

・Browser: Chromium series (Chrome, Edge, etc.), Safari series ・Device: 6th generation Core processor or later, Pascal or later GeForce, Radeon 2019 or later, iOS/iPad v11 or later, Android v6 or later
*About 10% of all viewers on kukuluLIVE are in an unsupported environment.

In non-compatible environments such as Firefox, the video will be converted to H.264 on the server side and played.
Image quality will decrease and latency will increase. ···but it's okay!

The delivery system has been updated to support HEVC, resulting in lower latency than before.
In ideal conditions (launching OBS from Coffret & super low latency encoding) the delay will be less than 2 seconds.

It is designed to take about 3 seconds even when converting to H.264 or in low image quality mode.
This indicates that even if conversion is included, the delay will be the same as before.

[Frequently asked questions and answers]

Q. Isn't it heavy to distribute using HEVC?
A. Actually, it's not heavy. Both the streaming side and the viewing side use dedicated circuits (called QSV or NVENC), so the load is the same as with H.264. The dedicated circuit is also built into the CPU, so it can be used even in an environment without a smartphone or graphics card.

Q. I can't watch HEVC streaming! It doesn't convert to H264 either. The PC and graphics card are quite old and do not meet the supported environment.
A. We are constantly updating playability information, but if you are unable to play normally for several days, please contact us.

Q. I can't play HEVC even though the environment is supposed to be compatible.
A. Have you turned off your browser's hardware acceleration?

Q. Does this mean that if I distribute using HEVC, I can cut the bit rate in half?
A. That's right. Lower bitrates make it easier to watch on smartphones, etc.

Q. I would like to reduce delays.
A. By starting OBS from Coffret, setting the keyframe to 1 second, tuning to "ultra low latency", and setting multipath mode to "1 pass", the delay will be less than 2 seconds.

Q. Can Firefox not play HEVC?
A.No. HEVC support has been added to Nightly from v120 only on Windows, but it is unclear whether it will be available for general use.

Q. Does push RTMP also support the Chinese method (codecid=12)?
A.No. Only Enhanced RTMP/FLV is supported.

Q. Does it support AV1?
A.No. Only HEVC is supported.

Q. Is there a way to check if HEVC can be played?
A. In the PC version, when you hover over the video, "HEVC" will be displayed in the bottom left corner.
If "H264 (conversion)" is displayed, HEVC cannot be played, so the converted version is being played on the server side.
All low-quality modes are converted to HEVC on the server side, so they are displayed as "HEVC (conversion)".

Q. Can I stream from a smartphone app to HEVC?
A. You can use it by updating the official app to the latest version.

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2019/10/11 - [kukuluLIVE] Participation award for kukuluLIVE 10th anniversary event was given
2019/10/05 - [kukuluLIVE] Applications for the kukuluLIVE 10th anniversary event have closed.
2019/10/04 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
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2019/09/30 - [kukuluLIVE] Added new broadcast notification function that does not require login
2019/09/30 - [kukuluLIVE] Added new game "Magical Panel"
2019/09/27 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
2019/09/09 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
2019/09/09 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
- 2019, 08 -
2019/08/27 - [kukuluLIVE] About changing the display method of deleted recordings
2019/08/23 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2019/08/23 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
2019/08/13 - [kukuluLIVE] About Windows 7 support deadline
2019/08/10 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2019/08/09 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
2019/08/06 - [kukuluLIVE] Added screen shooting function to smartphone app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (iOS version)"
- 2019, 07 -
2019/07/31 - [kukuluLIVE] For those whose site becomes black after updating to Chrome 76
2019/07/27 - [kukuluLIVE] API for developers has been released
2019/07/24 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of version upgrade of smartphone app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)"
- 2019, 06 -
2019/06/16 - [kukuluLIVE] Implemented dark mode
- 2019, 05 -
2019/05/29 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2019/05/25 - [kukuluLIVE] Added "Safety Report" page
2019/05/16 - [kukuluLIVE] Time shift system update notice
2019/05/11 - [kukuluLIVE] Time shift system update notice
2019/05/07 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of recording server enhancement maintenance (ended)
2019/05/05 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
- 2019, 04 -
2019/04/28 - [kukuluLIVE] Added "Trends" page
2019/04/14 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of version upgrade of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (iOS version)”
2019/04/09 - [kukuluLIVE] Revised broadcasting guidelines
2019/04/08 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding the problem of not being able to connect to the push server (resolved)
2019/04/03 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
- 2019, 03 -
2019/03/29 - [kukuluLIVE] Updated joint delivery function (PinP function added)
2019/03/28 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of viewing system update
2019/03/20 - [kukuluLIVE] Updated viewing server
2019/03/19 - [kukuluLIVE] Updated pat mode (added anti-vandalism measures)
2019/03/16 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2019/03/15 - [kukuluLIVE] Added pat mode
2019/03/12 - [kukuluLIVE] Improved auto-tagging functionality
2019/03/03 - [kukuluLIVE] Added a function that allows you to create a distributor's original bookmaker
2019/03/01 - [kukuluLIVE] Added the ability to create original scratches for streamers
- 2019, 02 -
2019/02/28 - [kukuluLIVE] Added synchronization function with Amazon wish list to KOM
2019/02/27 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2019/02/24 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2019/02/12 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2019/02/05 - [kukuluLIVE] Added "Emotion" function
- 2019, 01 -
2019/01/26 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2019/01/15 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of version upgrade of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Player (iOS version)”
2019/01/14 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of version upgrade of smartphone app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android/FireOS version)"
2019/01/07 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
2019/01/06 - [kukuluLIVE] For those who are having trouble with Chrome being heavy
2019/01/05 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of version upgrade of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Encoder 2”
- 2018, 12 -
2018/12/22 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of version upgrade of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Player (Android/FireOS version)”
2018/12/21 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of version upgrade of smartphone app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android/FireOS version)"
2018/12/20 - [kukuluLIVE] The specification of the top page distribution list has been changed.
2018/12/19 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of version upgrade of smartphone app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (iPhone version)"
2018/12/11 - [kukuluLIVE] Updated app release for FireOS
2018/12/09 - [kukuluLIVE] Apology for recording server failure
2018/12/08 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2018/12/07 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Easy Setup has been upgraded
2018/12/07 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of version upgrade of smartphone app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)"
2018/12/03 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
2018/12/03 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Easy Setup has been upgraded
2018/12/01 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of network failure (restored)
- 2018, 11 -
2018/11/27 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of version upgrade of smartphone app "kukuluLIVE Encoder 2 (Android version)"
2018/11/24 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding update of kukuluID name notation
2018/11/18 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of version upgrade of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Player (Android version)”
2018/11/18 - [kukuluLIVE] About smartphone viewing environment and notification function update (updated 11/21)
- 2018, 10 -
2018/10/30 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of discontinuation of kukuluLIVE Desktop2
2018/10/23 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of version upgrade of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Player”
2018/10/23 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of specification change for kukuluLIVE Notification for Chrome/Firefox
2018/10/10 - [kukuluLIVE] Added streamer level benefits
- 2018, 09 -
2018/09/29 - [kukuluLIVE] Added notification function for the next scheduled broadcast date and time
2018/09/08 - [kukuluLIVE] Live broadcast player has been migrated to HTML5 version
2018/09/06 - [kukuluLIVE] Apology and Notice of Disruptions Due to Typhoon No. 21 and Hokkaido Eastern Iburi Earthquake (Restored)
- 2018, 08 -
2018/08/31 - [kukuluLIVE] Updated live broadcast viewing environment
2018/08/31 - [kukuluLIVE] Improved the co-streamer comment section sharing function.
2018/08/30 - [kukuluLIVE] Always on SSL
2018/08/27 - [kukuluLIVE] Added new broadcast notification function for favorite broadcasters using WebPush
2018/08/23 - [kukuluLIVE] It is now possible to watch live broadcasts on the smartphone web version
2018/08/23 - [kukuluLIVE] We have released the HTML5 beta version of the live broadcast player.
2018/08/21 - [kukuluLIVE] We have strengthened the recording server network and now support IPv6.
2018/08/13 - [kukuluLIVE] Moved Timeshift player to HTML5 version
2018/08/11 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding granting Kukupo to live broadcasts that do not support HTML5
- 2018, 07 -
2018/07/09 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2018/07/03 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Easy Setup has been upgraded
2018/07/03 - [kukuluLIVE] Thank you for participating in the kukuluLIVE stamp rally campaign.
- 2018, 06 -
2018/06/28 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2018/06/22 - [kukuluLIVE] How to change keyframe interval settings (required)
2018/06/21 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE stamp rally campaign announcement
2018/06/07 - [kukuluLIVE] About the version upgrade of kukuluLIVE Easy Setup
2018/06/05 - [kukuluLIVE] Apology for recording server failure
- 2018, 05 -
2018/05/20 - [kukuluLIVE] Support PeerCastYP
- 2018, 04 -
2018/04/09 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2018/04/08 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of server relocation maintenance (ended)
2018/04/03 - [kukuluLIVE] Apology for connection failure (restored)
- 2018, 03 -
2018/03/31 - [kukuluLIVE] Patch to make DowsingRod compatible with kukuluLIVE (4/2 update)
2018/03/27 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2018/03/23 - [kukuluLIVE] The HTML5 version of the comment field has become the official version
2018/03/20 - [kukuluLIVE] Apology for connection failure (restored)
2018/03/10 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
- 2017, 05 -
2017/05/19 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of Coffret update (addition of NGS measures)
- 2017, 04 -
2017/04/11 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding failures due to equipment failure (recovered)
- 2016, 12 -
2016/12/10 - [kukuluLIVE] Apology for control server failure
- 2016, 11 -
2016/11/01 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of termination of remote support
- 2016, 09 -
2016/09/25 - [kukuluLIVE] [Important] Notice of changes to the Kukupo system (already implemented)
- 2016, 04 -
2016/04/01 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of version upgrade of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Player”
- 2016, 03 -
2016/03/28 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of bug fixes and specification changes
2016/03/21 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding the complete migration of the FLV version on the viewer side
2016/03/19 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of version upgrade of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Player”
2016/03/12 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2016/03/11 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding the issue where push connection may not be possible (resolved)
2016/03/05 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding low image quality mode and recording problems (solved)
- 2016, 02 -
2016/02/17 - [kukuluLIVE] Notice of troubleshooting
2016/02/13 - [kukuluLIVE] Improved specifications of low image quality mode
- 2016, 01 -
2016/01/30 - [kukuluLIVE] Apology and notification regarding equipment failure (resolved)
2016/01/24 - [kukuluLIVE] Apology and notification for viewing problems (resolved)
2016/01/05 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
- 2015, 12 -
2015/12/31 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding the problem that Coffret cannot be started on Windows 10 (solved)
2015/12/30 - [kukuluLIVE] kukuluLIVE Coffret update announcement
2015/12/25 - [kukuluLIVE] You can now stream Mabinogi on a 32-bit OS
2015/12/20 - [kukuluLIVE] System update notice
2015/12/19 - [kukuluLIVE] Announcement of smartphone app “kukuluLIVE Encoder” (iOS version) version update
2015/12/16 - [kukuluLIVE] Updated viewing mode switching function
2015/12/06 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding server failure (recovered)
2015/12/05 - [kukuluLIVE] Regarding failure of high-speed high-quality mode (recovered)

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