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2023, 02/07 02:04 (233day) Posted | 2023, 02/07 02:04 (233day) Updated
・Supported linking with DiscordID
You can now log in using your Discord ID instead of your ID and password.
Only one federation ID can be linked to one DDNSNow account.
(You can cancel it once and transfer it to another account.)

・Supported "Log in with email address" <br>You can now log in without changing your password using the authentication key you received with your email address.
The old "Reset password using email address" option has been abolished.

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2022, 05/06 15:33 (509day) Posted | 2022, 08/30 02:14 (394day) Updated
You can now update TXT records via HTTP/S API.
It can be easily updated from wget, so it can be used to automatically update SSL certificates.

Please check the following page for specific specifications.

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2021, 10/22 00:56 (706day) Posted
- Supports TXT records
You can now register up to 5 TXT records.
You will be able to use the domain acquired with DDNS Now for google-site-verification and issuing SSL certificates.

- Supports URL redirection
This function allows you to forward to any URL without requiring a web server.
Even if you migrate to your own domain, you can smoothly guide users to the new domain.

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2020, 10/31 20:21 (1061day) Posted
・It is now possible to automatically update IPv6 addresses via API <br>Previously, IPv6 addresses (AAAA records) could only be updated from the management screen,
You can now update to any IPv6 address or update to the access source IPv6 address via API (HTTPS).

・It is now possible to delete IPv4 addresses <br>Previously, IPv4 addresses (A records) were always valid and could not be deleted, but now they can be deleted by leaving them blank.

-The maximum number of registrations per person has been relaxed to 10.
・Update processing has been sped up by changing the adopted DNS server.

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2020, 10/26 10:15 (1066day) Posted | 2020, 10/26 10:26 (1066day) Updated
There has been an increase in attacks against DDNS Now accounts that appear to be aimed at hijacking accounts using password lists that appear to have been obtained from third-party services, and then redirecting the accounts to fraudulent sites. I am.

Although security features prevent these attacks, accounts with weak passwords are automatically locked and disabled from further use once an attacker successfully logs in.
In order to unlock the lock, the registrant himself or herself must contact us.

Of course, please use a secure password that is random, long, and not used on other services.
Please also update via https.

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2020, 10/22 20:19 (1070day) Posted
There was a problem that DNS update could not be performed for accounts newly registered after 2020/10/12.
It has been restored on October 22, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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