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2019, 05/26 11:51 (1885day) Posted | 2019, 05/28 04:24 (1883day) Updated
-Improved the "Drawing Swamp" and "Blindfold Swamp" functions <br>Answers are now displayed when timeout occurs.
At the end of the game, you can see the pictures you drew in a list, and you can also download them.
Improved the guidance display during progress.

・Improved the time shift function. When executing "Drawing Swamp", "Blindfold Swamp", or "Auto Clear", it will now automatically save to Canvas Time Shift when switching rounds or automatically deleting.
It is now possible to see the saved time shift list even if you are not the room owner.

・Participant recruitment function has been restored on the top page <br>If the room owner changes the setting to public, the room can be displayed on the MagicalDraw top page.
Please use it when you feel happy and want to draw with a stranger.

・Fixed an issue when changing the canvas size <br>Fixed an issue where the drawing position would shift or the aspect ratio would become incorrect if the canvas size was changed when starting a room.

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2019, 05/18 13:50 (1893day) Posted | 2019, 05/23 03:37 (1888day) Updated
- Added "Prohibit the use of pens and erasers larger than 10px" to the functional restrictions. Room owners can set this from the admission page.
Since the use of pens and erasers larger than 10px can be prohibited, combining this with other range-based function restrictions can prevent vandalism and reduce space when a large number of people are present.

・Fixed an issue where it could become impossible to connect to a room when there was a high load with a large number of people <br>It is now possible to withstand a high load with a much larger number of people than before.
In addition, drawing and communication are now processed independently, so drawing will no longer be interrupted even when you frequently enter and exit the room.

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2019, 03/04 02:48 (1968day) Posted
・Animated images can now be used for self-made stroking pointers
APNG or animated GIFs are now available.
APNG is a still image in IE/Edge, so we recommend animated GIF.
Please use the online tool below to generate images.

Magical Converter

The following bugs have been fixed.・Fixed the issue where the stroking pointer was misaligned when zooming.

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2019, 02/25 16:37 (1974day) Posted | 2019, 02/26 07:27 (1974day) Updated
・Added "GIF animation production" to the production mode

It can be used by the room owner by switching to "GIF animation production" in "Operation" > "Creation mode".
Everyone can draw each frame to create a flip-book-style GIF animation.

You can also add movement by copying the previous frame to the next frame.
(Frames can be copied by anyone other than the room owner, unless the copy function is restricted in the settings.)

With the "Download data" button, the canvas is divided appropriately and sent to Magical Converter (
You can convert to GIF animation or APNG.

The following functional improvements have been made : Canvases are now saved locally, making it faster and more bandwidth-friendly (excluding Safari)
-Improved the name display on the entrance page -You can now register up to 30 pat pointers

The following bugs have been fixed . - Fixed an issue where the zoom magnification was not applied to someone else's stroking pointer. - Fixed an issue where an afterimage may remain when using a self-made pointer with the maximum size.・Fixed an issue where the owner could not be determined in a room if the owner password was shared. ・Fixed an issue where the canvas could not be saved in the iOS app version. ・Other people's pointer colors were changed. Fixed an issue where the background lock was not applied when entering the room. Fixed an issue where the production mode settings were not saved.

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2019, 02/13 04:39 (1987day) Posted | 2019, 02/17 21:34 (1982day) Updated
・You can now draw at full resolution on the iPad.The smartphone version is downsampled to save memory, but now you can draw on the iPad at the same resolution as the PC version. (Since it is Retina, it will be more blurry than the PC version)

- Separated canvas movement and stroking mode in smartphone version
1 is the canvas movement tool and 2 is the stroking mode.

- The same circle color picker as the PC version can now be used on the smartphone version.
-Added margins to the left and top of the smartphone version canvas
-Improved the smartphone version of the simple tool and added a pen and eraser thickness preview.
- Window position can now be saved in the smartphone version
- Improved auto clear and game mode guides
・If you log in with Twitter ID when the owner logs in, it will be associated, and from now on, you can log in as the owner by logging in with Twitter ID.
-Improved the operation of enlarging and reducing, making it easier to use
-Improved the UI of the preview window

-Fixed an issue where the stroking pointer would not appear in tour mode etc.
・Fixed an issue where the stroke pointer had a drawing cancel judgment.
・Fixed an issue where unintended drawing would occur in rare cases when using a pen tablet on Windows 10 or later or Mac.
-Fixed an issue where canvas could not be downloaded in replay mode
-Fixed an issue where some operations were not replayed correctly in replay mode.
-Fixed an issue where the aspect ratio would collapse if the preview window was not resized.
-Fixed an issue where the screen may become distorted when using a mask pen
-Fixed an issue where the chat window could not be closed
-Fixed an issue where the preview may not work properly when changing the angle

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2019, 02/09 19:55 (1990day) Posted

MagicalDraw iOS app version 2.0.0 has been released.
It has the following advantages over the web version.

・Various sound functions are available ・Does not initialize even when switched to background ・Does not reload even when pulled, and address bar at the top is not displayed ・SplitView is available on iPad

The web version is still available.

MagicalDraw (iOS app version);ls=1&mt=8

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2019, 02/09 12:59 (1991day) Posted
Added a feature that allows you to use your own handmade pointer in the room.
Only the room owner can add it from ``Add your own stroking pointer'' on the admission page.

・Please upload a 24-bit PNG image that is within 10 to 100 pixels both vertically and horizontally.
- Up to 40KB per file is allowed.
- Transparency is maintained, but APNG cannot be used.
・Up to 10 items can be registered per room.
-The file name becomes the pointer name.

After setting, when you enter a room, you can use it from "Settings" > "Display Settings" > "Nade Nade Pointer".

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2019, 02/02 14:14 (1998day) Posted | 2019, 02/03 23:50 (1996day) Updated

Almost the same functions as the PC version can now be used on smartphones and tablets.
Layer integration, copy, range deletion, transparency, save and settings, preview, etc.
Almost all functions are available except for a few.

The iPad supports Apple Pencil and can also use pen pressure, so
You can now draw in an environment similar to a PC and pen tablet.

In addition, we have made the following improvements.

- Added a function to prevent incorrect drawing when using Apple Pencil
Drawing with your finger is now canceled when Apple Pencil pressure is enabled.
This prevents your hand from reacting incorrectly and being drawn.

・Fixed a bug when pen pressure was enabled <br>Fixed a problem where drawing was done at 100% of the set thickness when drawing with extremely weak pressure.

・Fixed an issue where zooming in using shortcut keys was not possible (Added on 02/03)

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2018, 07/05 04:44 (2210day) Posted | 2018, 07/05 05:58 (2210day) Updated
- All connections are always SSL-enabled
Due to the increasing pressure on non-SSL services in Chrome, we have decided to use always-on SSL.
Since the domain in the room has been changed, shortcut key settings etc. have been initialized.
Please restore from the saved configuration file.

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2018, 06/15 09:37 (2230day) Posted | 2018, 06/20 11:47 (2225day) Updated
- Pen pressure function is now available in MacOS Chrome.
In the latest Mac OS X environment, pen pressure added-ons are no longer available in Safari,
Please use Chrome. You can use the pen pressure function without the need for add-ons.

- Window movement and dragging on pen tabs and liquid tabs is now smoother.
In Windows Vista/10 and later, when using a pen tab or liquid tab, you had to click the pen button to move the window, but now you can move it smoothly just like using a mouse.
*Chrome v67 is waiting for bug fixes

- Fixed a bug with the preview function <br>Fixed an issue where the preview of layer move and copy functions was distorted when the preview window was open.

-Fixed a bug with the pen tab in Chrome v67
Chrome v67 had a bug where pointerup did not fire, which caused issues such as the pen not stopping drawing on Windows Vista/10 and later, but this has been improved to avoid it.

- Image stabilization is now available on the smartphone web version.
- Pen pressure can now be used when using the smartphone web version with Apple Pencil.

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