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2016, 02/14 05:38 (3051day) Posted | 2016, 02/15 04:25 (3051day) Updated
・BAN is now possible from the chat log <br>We have improved the chat log function, which can only be viewed by room owners, and can now ban you later.
When connecting/disconnecting a user who can be banned, the ID will be displayed, so click on the ID to ban.
Ban is only possible from entry records after implementation (from today onwards).
If the user you want to ban is still participating, please ban them from within the room instead of from the chat log as usual.
Bans from chat logs do not kick.

・Improved the "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers" <br>You can now search.

・Improved the design <br>I improved the super tacky design to a slightly tacky design.

-Improved the behavior of pen pressure when starting drawing with a pen tablet.
-Fixed an issue where unintended voice navigation was uttered on the replay page.
-Fixed an issue where saved canvases could not be operated on some browsers.
-Fixed an issue where server-side saving may fail when rewinding the canvas.

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2016, 02/03 16:10 (3062day) Posted | 2016, 02/13 03:09 (3053day) Updated

・Added a layer swap function From the "Layer operation" → "Swap layers 1 and 2" button, what is written on layer 1 is transferred to layer 2,
Anything written in layer 2 can be moved to layer 1.
*To update to the latest room version, leave it unattended for about 5 minutes and suspend it once, or use the "/forcereboot" command by the room owner.

・Voice navigation has been improved <br>When voice navigation (Kukusama recording) is continuously spoken, it is now played in duplicate instead of queuing and playing in order.
Voice navigation (machine voice) cue. We are also changing the machine voice engine.

・Improved the eyedropper mode
Changed the specification to absorb the color of the last touched drawing area when sucking an area where nothing is drawn.
This eliminates the problem of frequently picking up white when trying to pick up small areas.
If you don't like the new specs, you can turn off "The eyedropper doesn't pick up white" in "Settings" -> "Operation Settings".
It will work the same as the old specification.

・Added "Disable mouse when pen tab is recognized" setting
This is a setting that recognizes the pen tab and prevents you from drawing with the mouse if pen pressure is on.
If you want to draw with the mouse, you can do so by turning off pen pressure.
This setting is on by default. If you turn it off, it will return to the previous specifications.

・Added a setting to "lighten unedited layers" <br>While editing layer 1, layer 2 is displayed lightly, and when layer 2 is being edited, layer 1 is displayed lightly. Avoid layer mistakes.
This setting is off by default.

・Added "Blink target when switching layers" setting <br>Blinks the destination layer for a moment when changing the editing layer so that you can see what is drawn on that layer. Avoid layer mistakes.
This setting is off by default. (I think it's a good idea, so I plan to turn it on by default in the future.)

・Improved the slide bar for changing layer transparency
If you switch that layer while editing and then slide it further, the transparency will change.
Layers can now be changed not only with the buttons on the right but also with the slide bar.

- Added "chocolate bar" to the transparent background color

・Added "Hokkaido specialties" to the pointer in Nade Nade mode

- You can now use the pen tablet's native eraser function even in add-on-free mode.
-Fixed an issue where the pen tab eraser may not function properly.
・Fixed an issue where voice navigation was uttered even when turned off.
-Fixed an issue where lines would jump to unintended locations when using a pen tablet
-Fixed an issue where the click would be locked if moved off the screen while drawing
・Fixed an issue where the screen could run out of control when the pen tab button was assigned to scroll.
・Fixed an issue where additional functions such as layer integration could be used even when answering questions in "Drawing Swamp"
- Fixed the behavior when automatically reconnecting the room
・Fixed an issue where drawing could not be done in a Mac+Safari environment.
・Fixed an issue where the browser was displayed as deprecated in Windows 10+Edge environment.
- Fixed an issue where right-click settings were sometimes not applied
-Fixed an issue where the eraser above the pen on the pen tab would sometimes not work.
・Fixed an issue where the pen would draw without touching it.
-Fixed an issue where drawing was done while specifying a range.
Fixed an issue where sound alerts would not sound if voice navigation was not enabled
- Corrected the behavior when "Disable mouse when recognizing pen tablet" is turned on on Mac
-Fixed an issue where the subwindow would not come to the forefront when moving

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2016, 01/30 01:20 (3067day) Posted | 2016, 02/02 21:14 (3063day) Updated
We have confirmed that the problem has been resolved at 21:10 on 02/02, so this is the end of the matter.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

At 02/02 17:57, we found a fatal problem that seems to be the cause of the failure and fixed it.
I am observing the progress.

The workaround code was updated at 02/02 05:20, and the cause is still unknown, but we are observing the progress.

The failure was restored at 02/01 23:40,
We are still working on this as we have not yet identified the cause.
I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

It reoccurred around 21:00 on 02/01, and we are currently working on it.
There is a possibility of a software problem, but the cause has not yet been determined.
I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

The failure was resolved at 23:00 on 01/31, but
Since the cause has not yet been identified, we will continue to observe the situation for a few days.
I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

The problem has been occurring again since around 21:00 on 01/31.
We are currently working on it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The service was restored by switching the equipment on 01/30 01:57.
Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

We are conducting temporary maintenance due to a MagicalDraw server failure.
We are in the process of switching the equipment, but as the server is located in a remote location, the recovery time has not yet been determined.
I'm sorry for causing you trouble.

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2015, 12/24 08:24 (3103day) Posted | 2015, 12/25 03:20 (3103day) Updated
- Added a reading function using synthesized voice (PC version)
The previous name "Kukusama Voice Navi" has been changed to "Voice Navi".
It is now possible to read aloud using synthesized voice.

"Kukusama" (recording only), which guides you with the conventional recorded voice,
In addition, you can select ``Kukusama & Synthetic Voice,'' which has a function that reads out the chat text and the names of connected/disconnected people, which cannot be covered by recorded voice.

・Flash has been completely removed (PC version)
In some cases, Voice Navi uses Flash internally for compatibility.
Now that browser compatibility is complete, we have improved everything to work with HTML5.
But I love Flash.

-Improved the design (smartphone browser version)
Tour mode and game mode can now be used normally.

・App is no longer required on iOS (smartphone browser version)
The smartphone browser version is now also available on iOS.

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2015, 12/22 09:36 (3105day) Posted | 2015, 12/25 03:21 (3103day) Updated

・You can now participate using a browser on your smartphone. <br>You can now participate (view, draw, chat) from your browser without the need for an app.
It also supports game mode.
We recommend Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS in portrait mode.

・You can now chat in browser viewing mode <br>You can now view the chat content and speak.

・The Android app version has been discontinued <br>The Android app version has been discontinued because the differences in musicality could not be overcome with effort.
Please use the new smartphone browser version from now on.
You can continue to use the iOS app version.

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2015, 12/07 10:26 (3120day) Posted | 2015, 12/20 16:32 (3107day) Updated
・Improved the chat input function <br>The focus is now removed from the input field without pressing the ESC key after speaking in chat.

Added on 2015/12/20:
If you go to "Settings" > "Operation Settings" > "Chat" and set "Continue input after speaking",
Chat input is possible in the same mode as before.

・Fixed the problem that the room was being processed <br>When the room crashed in rare cases, it was not possible to enter the room after that, but this has been fixed.

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