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2015, 12/24 08:24 (3104day) Posted | 2015, 12/25 03:20 (3103day) Updated
- Added a reading function using synthesized voice (PC version)
The previous name "Kukusama Voice Navi" has been changed to "Voice Navi".
It is now possible to read aloud using synthesized voice.

"Kukusama" (recording only), which guides you with the conventional recorded voice,
In addition, you can select ``Kukusama & Synthetic Voice,'' which has a function that reads out the chat text and the names of connected/disconnected people, which cannot be covered by recorded voice.

・Flash has been completely removed (PC version)
In some cases, Voice Navi uses Flash internally for compatibility.
Now that browser compatibility is complete, we have improved everything to work with HTML5.
But I love Flash.

-Improved the design (smartphone browser version)
Tour mode and game mode can now be used normally.

・App is no longer required on iOS (smartphone browser version)
The smartphone browser version is now also available on iOS.

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