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2016, 02/18 09:50 (3012day) Posted

- Added canvas time shift function
While drawing with MagicalDraw (when there are changes to the canvas), the canvas contents are automatically saved every 5 minutes.
In addition to the conventional "previous state" or "previously saved state",
You can now restore the canvas to any point in time.

When time-shifted data exceeds 60MB per day, it will be deleted starting from the oldest data for that day.
The next day, it will be automatically saved again up to 60MB. Storage period is maximum 5 days.
Auto-saved canvases can only be viewed by the room owner and can be restored at any time.

The list of time shift data can only be accessed by room owners from the entry page or "Operations" in the room.

- Stroking is now possible even in tour mode <br>If you enter a room in tour mode, the pointer was not displayed previously.
A pointer is now displayed, and you can now stroke (and in some cases, bash).

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