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2016, 02/14 05:38 (3051day) Posted | 2016, 02/15 04:25 (3051day) Updated
・BAN is now possible from the chat log <br>We have improved the chat log function, which can only be viewed by room owners, and can now ban you later.
When connecting/disconnecting a user who can be banned, the ID will be displayed, so click on the ID to ban.
Ban is only possible from entry records after implementation (from today onwards).
If the user you want to ban is still participating, please ban them from within the room instead of from the chat log as usual.
Bans from chat logs do not kick.

・Improved the "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers" <br>You can now search.

・Improved the design <br>I improved the super tacky design to a slightly tacky design.

-Improved the behavior of pen pressure when starting drawing with a pen tablet.
-Fixed an issue where unintended voice navigation was uttered on the replay page.
-Fixed an issue where saved canvases could not be operated on some browsers.
-Fixed an issue where server-side saving may fail when rewinding the canvas.

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