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2016, 09/27 00:13 (2826day) Posted | 2016, 09/30 14:18 (2822day) Updated
Added on 2016/09/30:
All maintenance and data transfers have been completed and all rooms are now available for normal use.
We have also confirmed a fix for an issue where rooms frequently crash during busy hours.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

2016/09/28 4:20 AM Added:
Newly created rooms and rooms for which data transfer has already been completed are now available for use.
You will not be able to use the room while data is still being transferred, but you will be able to start the room once the data transfer is complete.

2016/09/28 AM3:40 Added:
It is taking longer than expected to transfer data due to server relocation.
We will extend the maintenance end time.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

This is an issue where the room frequently crashes during busy hours.
Since a fundamental solution requires relocation of lines and servers, we will carry out maintenance as described below.

2016/09/28 1am~

During maintenance, all rooms will be suspended and services will be unavailable.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as it has taken several months to identify and address the cause of this issue.

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2016, 07/15 20:02 (2899day) Posted | 2016, 07/15 20:04 (2899day) Updated

Added a feature that allows you to collaborate on LINE stamps (Creators' stamps) with MagicalDraw.

The room owner selects "LINE Stamp Production" from "Creation Mode" in "Operation",
Available by clicking "Start production mode".

In this mode, 40 square guide lines are displayed on the canvas.
The maximum size of a LINE stamp is 370x320 per square, so
Please draw so that one stamp fits in this square.

After drawing is completed, click the "Get data" button,
The canvas can be divided into 40 files from 01.png to 40.png using guide lines, and the files can be zipped and downloaded.
You can apply directly to the LINE Creators Market.
(*Actually, separate main image and talk room tab image are required.)

Please see the following site for the production of actual stamps.

Please use it not only for creating LINE stamps, but also for creating puzzles.

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2016, 05/05 12:15 (2970day) Posted | 2016, 05/05 12:19 (2970day) Updated
・Added a "drawing undo function" that allows you to go back one step

◆ Specifications
To realize the return function in raster drawing chat like MagicalDraw,
Because it requires a huge amount of resources (number of participants x number of times you can return = number of layers required),
Back function (undo) was not implemented.

The "drawing cancellation function" implemented this time is an implementation that can improve convenience without wasting resources.
It differs from normal Undo in the following points.

- After finishing one drawing (1 stroke), you can cancel the drawing for 5 seconds.
- It will be confirmed when 5 seconds have passed or you start the next drawing or operation, and it will be displayed on the other person's canvas at that point.

For example, if you draw a line that you don't like while drawing the main line from a draft,
This is useful when you are painting and the color goes beyond the main line.
However, if the "drawing undo function" is enabled, the drawing will not be reflected in real time because it will be reflected on other people's canvases after it is finalized. (same as uniform transparency pen)

◆ How to use If you turn on "Enable drawing cancellation" in "Operation settings" from "Settings", the "Drawing cancellation function" will be enabled.

The drawing you want to cancel can be canceled by pressing the [ESC] key after drawing (stop clicking the mouse or releasing the pen).
You can change the undo key by opening "Shortcut keys" from "Settings" and setting the "Undo drawing" key.

・Improved the specifications of the preview window.
Horizontally flipped and vertically flipped displays are now reduced to the entire canvas screen, and the aspect ratio is now maintained.

・Improved the specifications of the drawing swamp and the blindfold swamp.
If the participant whose turn it is to write disconnects, they will now immediately skip to the next question.

・Fixed the problem that the original quiz question could not be initialized.

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2016, 04/02 06:59 (3003day) Posted | 2016, 04/03 10:47 (3002day) Updated
- Added "Evenly Transparent Pen" and "Mask Equally Transparent Pen" functions.

When drawing with transparency set to less than 100%, in the conventional pen mode, the phenomenon of "blurring" (depending on the situation) would occur (depending on the situation), as shown in the image above [above].

With the newly added "Equal transmission pen" and "Mask equal transmission pen",
During one stroke from clicking (start of drawing) to stopping clicking (end of drawing),
Since the drawings are not added and do not overlap, the phenomenon of "clumping" as shown in the image [bottom] above does not occur.

"Evenly Transparent Pen" and "Mask Equally Transparent Pen" can be switched from the menu that appears when you click the pen mode icon again while setting the pen mode.

Note that this function cannot be realized without buffering, so the drawing will not be displayed in real time to other people,
It will be displayed at once after one stroke is completed.

In addition, with the "mask uniform transparency pen", it is not masked at the drawing stage, but after one stroke is completed and the additional writing is confirmed,
The shape will be masked.

When replaced with Photoshop settings, the transparency in normal pen mode is close to "flow rate",
The transparency in this equal transparency pen mode is implemented close to "opacity".

Please use it in your favorite mode along with the conventional pen mode.

・Fixed an issue where "Move Selection" of "Copy/Delete" did not work properly. (04/03 02:00)
Re-entering the room will reflect the corrections. (No need to suspend the room)

・"Nade Nade Mode" is now available in the smartphone browser version.
If you tap the hand tool icon again in the hand tool state (the screen can be moved),
It will be in "Stroking mode", and a stroking icon will appear where you stroked. visible to other participants.

- Changed the zoom function to deal with the crash problem on iOS version
Pinch zoom is no longer available in the iOS version only. You can change the zoom rate using the + and – buttons.
It was inconvenient, but it made it harder to fall off.

-You can now set the thickness of the pen and eraser separately in the smartphone browser version.
-Improved the specifications of the iOS version color picker.

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2016, 03/29 00:03 (3008day) Posted | 2016, 03/31 01:54 (3006day) Updated
・You can now create original problems for game modes. Room owners can now create original problems for use in the game modes "Drawing Swamp" and "Blindfold Swamp."

The creation screen can be opened from ``Create original quiz'' under ``Operations'' in the room or ``Edit quiz data'' on the admission page.

Follow the instructions on the creation screen for how to create quiz data.
If you edit while the game is running, it will be reflected immediately from the next question.

If the original question is not set/deleted, the MagicalDraw default question will be used as before.

・Resource shift cluster is now official version <br>The operation status is displayed below.

・Fixed a bug that the drawing swamp problem did not appear (03/31 01:54)

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2016, 03/22 21:47 (3014day) Posted | 2016, 03/23 21:02 (3013day) Updated
・Migrated to a cluster server system, no limit on the number of simultaneous executions
The number of MagicalDraw running rooms at the same time was limited so as not to affect other services.
We have introduced the same mechanism as the resource shift cluster that was put into practical use in kukuluLIVE into MagicalDraw.
By separating the room servers during busy times, you can now use the service without any restrictions.

・Fixed an issue where settings in the room were not saved (03/23 15:00)
Fixed so that settings such as shortcut keys are saved correctly.
Sorry to trouble you, but please reset the previous settings as they have been reset.

-Added the ability to save settings to a file and restore from the file (03/23 21:00)
From "Save and load settings" in "Settings", you can save settings such as current shortcut keys to a file,
It is now possible to restore from a file.
You can also share settings by sending the file to others.

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2016, 03/21 14:36 (3015day) Posted
From 6:50 AM today, due to changes in OS specifications due to server equipment replacement,
We have been experiencing issues such as not being able to enter the room or taking a long time to enter the room.
This was fixed around 14:36 today. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2016, 03/06 22:03 (3030day) Posted

``Blindfold Swamp'' is a new mode of the strange game ``Drawing Swamp'' where the game is divided into a person who draws a picture of a specified theme (Drawer) and a person who guesses it (Answer). Now it looks like this.

In "Blindfolded Swamp," the artist cannot see what he is drawing,
I don't know what the picture looks like now.

Respondents will be asked to guess the topic from the messed up picture drawn by the artist.
This mode is recommended for advanced users who are tired of drawing.

"Blindfold Swamp" can be started by the room owner by "Operation".

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2016, 02/21 21:22 (3044day) Posted | 2016, 02/22 00:26 (3044day) Updated
-Replay recording is now possible in Chrome
-A confirmation dialog will now appear when leaving the room.

-Fixed an issue where characters in the chat field could not be selected
-Fixed an issue where the canvas was not recorded correctly when restoring it when recording a replay.
・Fixed an issue where the replay was not recorded correctly when running the drawing swamp when recording a replay.
・Fixed an issue where the canvas display of others was distorted when drawing by changing the zoom rate.
・Fixed an issue where the image quality of lines deteriorated when drawing by changing the zoom ratio.

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2016, 02/18 09:50 (3047day) Posted

- Added canvas time shift function
While drawing with MagicalDraw (when there are changes to the canvas), the canvas contents are automatically saved every 5 minutes.
In addition to the conventional "previous state" or "previously saved state",
You can now restore the canvas to any point in time.

When time-shifted data exceeds 60MB per day, it will be deleted starting from the oldest data for that day.
The next day, it will be automatically saved again up to 60MB. Storage period is maximum 5 days.
Auto-saved canvases can only be viewed by the room owner and can be restored at any time.

The list of time shift data can only be accessed by room owners from the entry page or "Operations" in the room.

- Stroking is now possible even in tour mode <br>If you enter a room in tour mode, the pointer was not displayed previously.
A pointer is now displayed, and you can now stroke (and in some cases, bash).

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