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2016, 04/02 06:59 (2935day) Posted | 2016, 04/03 10:47 (2934day) Updated
- Added "Evenly Transparent Pen" and "Mask Equally Transparent Pen" functions.

When drawing with transparency set to less than 100%, in the conventional pen mode, the phenomenon of "blurring" (depending on the situation) would occur (depending on the situation), as shown in the image above [above].

With the newly added "Equal transmission pen" and "Mask equal transmission pen",
During one stroke from clicking (start of drawing) to stopping clicking (end of drawing),
Since the drawings are not added and do not overlap, the phenomenon of "clumping" as shown in the image [bottom] above does not occur.

"Evenly Transparent Pen" and "Mask Equally Transparent Pen" can be switched from the menu that appears when you click the pen mode icon again while setting the pen mode.

Note that this function cannot be realized without buffering, so the drawing will not be displayed in real time to other people,
It will be displayed at once after one stroke is completed.

In addition, with the "mask uniform transparency pen", it is not masked at the drawing stage, but after one stroke is completed and the additional writing is confirmed,
The shape will be masked.

When replaced with Photoshop settings, the transparency in normal pen mode is close to "flow rate",
The transparency in this equal transparency pen mode is implemented close to "opacity".

Please use it in your favorite mode along with the conventional pen mode.

・Fixed an issue where "Move Selection" of "Copy/Delete" did not work properly. (04/03 02:00)
Re-entering the room will reflect the corrections. (No need to suspend the room)

・"Nade Nade Mode" is now available in the smartphone browser version.
If you tap the hand tool icon again in the hand tool state (the screen can be moved),
It will be in "Stroking mode", and a stroking icon will appear where you stroked. visible to other participants.

- Changed the zoom function to deal with the crash problem on iOS version
Pinch zoom is no longer available in the iOS version only. You can change the zoom rate using the + and – buttons.
It was inconvenient, but it made it harder to fall off.

-You can now set the thickness of the pen and eraser separately in the smartphone browser version.
-Improved the specifications of the iOS version color picker.

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