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2016, 05/05 12:15 (3001day) Posted | 2016, 05/05 12:19 (3001day) Updated
・Added a "drawing undo function" that allows you to go back one step

◆ Specifications
To realize the return function in raster drawing chat like MagicalDraw,
Because it requires a huge amount of resources (number of participants x number of times you can return = number of layers required),
Back function (undo) was not implemented.

The "drawing cancellation function" implemented this time is an implementation that can improve convenience without wasting resources.
It differs from normal Undo in the following points.

- After finishing one drawing (1 stroke), you can cancel the drawing for 5 seconds.
- It will be confirmed when 5 seconds have passed or you start the next drawing or operation, and it will be displayed on the other person's canvas at that point.

For example, if you draw a line that you don't like while drawing the main line from a draft,
This is useful when you are painting and the color goes beyond the main line.
However, if the "drawing undo function" is enabled, the drawing will not be reflected in real time because it will be reflected on other people's canvases after it is finalized. (same as uniform transparency pen)

◆ How to use If you turn on "Enable drawing cancellation" in "Operation settings" from "Settings", the "Drawing cancellation function" will be enabled.

The drawing you want to cancel can be canceled by pressing the [ESC] key after drawing (stop clicking the mouse or releasing the pen).
You can change the undo key by opening "Shortcut keys" from "Settings" and setting the "Undo drawing" key.

・Improved the specifications of the preview window.
Horizontally flipped and vertically flipped displays are now reduced to the entire canvas screen, and the aspect ratio is now maintained.

・Improved the specifications of the drawing swamp and the blindfold swamp.
If the participant whose turn it is to write disconnects, they will now immediately skip to the next question.

・Fixed the problem that the original quiz question could not be initialized.

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