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2023, 04/02 04:19 (448day) Posted
Due to changes in TwitterAPI specifications, the "Mutual Twitter follow is required" setting for the "Entry Authentication Function" will be abolished.
As of April 2, 2023, this setting will no longer be available for new use.

Rooms set in the past can use this setting until April 20, 2023 unless changed.
After that, no one other than the owner will be allowed to enter.
Settings are not automatically canceled to prevent unintentional release.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please switch to the "admission password" function.

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2023, 02/06 02:46 (503day) Posted | 2023, 02/06 02:51 (503day) Updated
MagicalDraw's login function has been updated,
You can now also link Discord/Google/Apple linked IDs.

You can add multiple federated IDs to a single MagicalDraw account,
Even if one of your linked IDs becomes unusable due to freeze, etc., you can continue to use the same MagicalDraw account.
You can also cancel the linkage ID and replace it with a new linkage ID.

You can add or change from the "Add/Change Linkage ID" button on My Page.

Even those who cannot use Twitter for religious reasons will be able to use the functions of the MagicalDraw account.
If there is no link to Twitter, a small number of functions will be restricted, such as the direct tweet function and the setting where only the owner and mutual follow can enter.

Please note that logging in via Twitter will continue to be supported.

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2023, 01/20 12:45 (520day) Posted | 2023, 01/20 12:51 (520day) Updated
Since there are many cases of trouble in public rooms with overseas users who cannot communicate in Japanese or English,
The public room's public range is now divided according to the area from which the connection is made.

Currently, it is divided into the following two, and only the public room of the area to which you belong will be displayed.
A. Users in Japan/Taiwan/Korea
B. Users in countries other than those listed above

However, A. is also displayed only when the user of B. is logged in with Twitter and the Nakaotsu input environment is English.

Access from outside the public room, or overseas users who have already accessed the room and are registered in the history,
You can deny it by turning on "Prohibit access from overseas or proxy" in the room settings.

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2022, 11/26 04:38 (575day) Posted
Due to a bug in iOS/iPadOS 16 - 16.1, another person's pen settings may be used while drawing.
We have added countermeasure code to make it less likely to occur.

This bug has been fixed in iOS/iPadOS 16.2 (Beta).

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2022, 11/19 05:33 (582day) Posted | 2022, 11/26 03:19 (575day) Updated
・You can now open ``Land it up'' from ``Mis-operation prevention''.
- Changed so that "Undo drawing" is always on and cannot be turned off.
- Fixed an issue where the eyedropper would still suck when switching modes if "Pen mode after eyedropper completion" was off.

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2022, 06/26 20:12 (728day) Posted | 2022, 06/28 23:29 (726day) Updated
- Fixed an issue where the slider would get stuck when Windows Ink was enabled (PC version)
When drawing with a pen device, sliders such as pen size and zoom now work smoothly even when Windows Ink is enabled.

・Fixed a bug in Firefox environment (PC version)
Fixed an issue where the canvas would scroll when drawing with a pen device.

・Improved fault tolerance at high load <br>Improved the problem that all rooms may crash when it is crowded.

-Fixed the problem that the value becomes NaN when changing the pen size and eraser size in offline mode (PC version)

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2022, 01/16 21:08 (889day) Posted | 2022, 01/17 22:43 (888day) Updated
-Reduced memory usage, making it less likely to crash when using a large canvas.
Especially on iPads with less than 3GB of memory, crashes are now rare even when low image quality mode is not used.

- Firefox browser compatibility has been restored <br>Both the PC and mobile versions can now be used with Firefox.

- Fixed an issue where the straight line mode, uniformly transparent pen, and uniformly transparent eraser would penetrate the protected drawing area.

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2022, 01/02 17:01 (903day) Posted | 2022, 01/10 07:11 (895day) Updated
- Added a "partial restore" function. This function is designed to prevent the sadness of "I want to rewind and restore, but I don't want to lose what I've drawn since I saved it, or I'm completely stuck."
You can restore only a specified part of the data from the "saved canvas" or "auto-save canvas (time shift)" to the desired position.

Press the "Partially restore" button.

Select the area you want to restore and press "OK".

You can restore the restored data by specifying the position, size, and transparency where you want to paste it and pressing the "Paste" button.
You can restore with the state of all layers preserved.

・Added "Uniform transparency eraser" function <br>It is an eraser version with the same specifications as the uniform transparency pen.
Even if you lower the transparency, you can draw with the same transparency during one stroke.
Pen pressure is not available.

-Added a feature that allows you to check room comments from within the room <br>You can check room comments within the room without returning to the admission page.
In the PC version, press the room URL on the palette or press "Room information" on the upper right.

In the mobile version, press the icon on the left.

・Added a function to automatically save settings (only when logged in to Twitter)
While logged in to Twitter, settings (various settings, palette colors, etc.) are saved.
Cookies are now automatically restored when you delete cookies or log in on a new device.

・Added the "Hold-up" function. You can open a window that does not respond to touch by selecting "Operation Settings" > "Use Hand-holding".
It is convenient to place it where the palm of your hand touches it. It protects you from accidental taps that cannot be covered by palm rejection.

-Improved the "Function Restrictions" function. It is now possible to set only the owner to view "Saved Canvas", "Time Shift", and "Replay".

- Improved the specifications of the eyedropper <br>When the eyedropper mode is set to "Absorb using display color", layer transparency is now reflected.
(If the layer transparency is 1%, it will be composited and absorbed as 1%)

All eyedropper modes will no longer blot a layer if its transparency is 0%.
(If it is 1% or more, it will be absorbed as 100%)

-Extended the maximum canvas size in offline mode to 5000 x 5000
・Background image, drawing protection function, image pasting, and reference image display are now available in offline mode.

-Fixed an issue where someone else's selected color would sometimes be reflected in your own pen color.
-Fixed an issue where canvas size in offline mode was not retained
-Fixed an issue where the restore position of "Restore only part" may be different.
-Fixed an issue where some canvases may be missing when creating a time-lapse video

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2021, 07/16 19:24 (1073day) Posted | 2022, 10/25 08:04 (607day) Updated
We have confirmed an issue where the operation of MagicalDraw is significantly delayed on iPads equipped with Apple M1 or later.
This has been improved in iPadOS 16.1 (iOS 16), so please update and use it.

The following is an old workaround, but please try it if you have difficulty updating your OS.
However, the above settings will not improve the issue in the app version or browsers other than Safari, such as Chrome.

1. Open the iPadOS “Settings” app
2. Open the Safari menu
3. Open “Details” > “Experimental Features”
4. Set "GPU Process: DOM Rendering" to " On "
5. Restart Safari app and open MagicalDraw from Safari browser

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2021, 05/17 02:36 (1133day) Posted | 2021, 05/17 13:08 (1133day) Updated
・Extended the storage period for time shifts, replays, etc.

The fact that replays are automatically recorded for the past 180 days means that
This means that you can go back to any time within the last 180 days.
You can also draw back from the replay to the current canvas.
It doesn't matter if you are robbed secretly in the middle of the night or while traveling abroad. There is no place for trolls in this galaxy.

・Improved the hiding function for public rooms <br>Previously, each room was hidden, but for newly added rooms,
All "rooms and rooms created by the owner of that room" are hidden.
In addition, it is now possible to cancel individual items from "My Page" > "Hide Settings" > "Management".

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