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2020, 07/05 23:01 (1448day) Posted | 2020, 07/10 01:49 (1444day) Updated
-Improved the UI for smartphone/tablet versions <br>You can now use almost all functions without using the "Palette" window designed for PCs.
The tool UI fixed at the top of the screen will now switch to the optimal one depending on the current mode.

- Movement modes: resize display, fit to window, rotate and flip, participants, settings, save, etc.
- Stroke mode: change stroke pointer
- Pen mode: pen size, color, drawing layer, pen type, image stabilization, pen pressure, layer transparency, copying, layer merging, etc.
- Eyedropper mode: color, drawing layer
- Eraser mode: eraser size, drawing layer

- Improved the specifications of the dropper <br>The color preview of the dropper is now always displayed at a constant size, making operation with your finger more comfortable than before.
It is now possible to suck drawings that are waiting to be canceled.
The option "Do not pick up white with eyedropper" has been removed.

・Improved the specifications of the stroke pointer in the smartphone/tablet version Now

- Changed the maximum canvas size specifications
For backward compatibility, canvases larger than 3000 x 3000 and up to 4000 x 4000 were only allowed with the "Initialize canvas from image" and "Restore saved canvas" functions, but this has been abolished.
If the size exceeds 3000 x 3000, the room cannot be set to public.
You can download the saved canvas as the original image from Preview. You can also download each layer, so you can resize it and use it again on the canvas by "Initialize canvas from image".

・Fixed an issue where the color was blotted out at the starting position of the dropper mode on the smartphone/tablet version.
- Fixed an issue when changing the layer display transparency during the drawing cancellation countdown
-Fixed an issue where the pat pointer would not time out.
・Fixed an issue where the color could not be drawn correctly with the eyedropper when using a uniformly transparent pen.
・Fixed an issue where drawing could not be done if the copy/move function was canceled when used.

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