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2020, 08/08 17:47 (1404day) Posted | 2020, 08/19 16:48 (1393day) Updated
・You can now rotate with your finger on touch-enabled devices.
On iOS, Android, and touch-enabled PCs, you can rotate by touching with three fingers.
Touch with four fingers to reset the rotation angle to 0°.

・Improved the mouse wheel function of the PC version Added the "Mouse Wheel (Alt/Ctrl/Shift Press)" setting so that you can independently set the mouse wheel operation while pressing the Alt/Ctrl/Shift key. became.
By default, using the mouse wheel alone will zoom, and holding down the control key will rotate.

- Mouse can now be used on touch-enabled devices
Mouse connected to Android with OTG, mouse connected to iOS via camera adapter, touch mode of touch-enabled PC,
You can now operate the UI with the mouse. To prevent incorrect operation, drawing with the mouse is not possible.

・Improved the invitation function in the room <br>When you call the invitation function from the URL displayed in the palette or the participant list,
Buttons such as copying the participation URL, displaying the QR code, accessing the OS sharing function, and posting to Twitter will be displayed.

-Fixed an issue where the number of fingers may not be recognized correctly on Android.
・Fixed an issue where changed settings in the room (shared palette and production mode) were restored after restarting the room.
・Fixed an issue where a straight line was drawn when using the eyedropper while using the straight line tool.

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