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2020, 06/07 13:16 (1507day) Posted | 2020, 06/13 17:11 (1501day) Updated
・You can now use the lasso tool by specifying a range.
A new lasso tool allows you to specify free-form ranges.

1. Call the function from the "Layer Merge/Copy/Delete" button on the palette
2. Select the function you want to use
3. When the range is selected, the "Pen Tool" functions as a lasso tool.
If you want to change the display position of the canvas, you can scroll in "pat mode". (Pinch zoom is also available on smartphones)
Traditional rectangular selection is also available from the "Rectangle" button.

4. For the "Copy" and "Move" functions, after selecting the range, you can specify the copy/move destination in the conventional window.

・You can now select fixed/non-fixed aspect ratio when selecting a range <br>Unfix the aspect ratio by removing the key mark on the upper right of the selection field.

- You can now undo the eraser with the drawing undo function <br>Until now, it was impossible to undo the eraser, but now you can undo it only once within 5 seconds in the eraser mode as well as in the pen mode. Ta. Yay 💛
You need to turn on the drawing undo function from "Settings" → "Operation Settings".

・You can now use shortcut keys to merge, copy, move, and delete layers in a specified range .

・The palette window can now be zoomed on smartphones/tablets <br>In addition to the pinch operation, you can adjust the zoom ratio with the bar like the PC version, and you can also use the original size button (100% button). .
Shortcut keys are also available.

-Added a function to automatically adjust the zoom ratio and scroll position so that the entire canvas can be seen.The Fit to Window function can now be used from the "Fit" button.

- Added a function to display the entire drawable area to prevent incorrect operations.
You can display only the drawable area to fill the window like Fit to Window.
It can be used from ``Operation'' → ``Prevention of erroneous operation'' → ``Display entire area''.

・Improved game mode specifications In "Painting Swamp" and "Blindfold Swamp", the painter can now give up and the room owner can skip the painter.

-Improved so that the smartphone UI is not hidden when drawing on a smartphone/tablet.
-Improved so that drawing cancellation is not automatically confirmed when using pinch or stroking mode.
-Improved so that it works even if the image extends beyond the canvas when using the image pasting function.
-Improved the behavior of mouse wheel zoom on the PC version.
-Improved so that the drawing layer does not switch even if the transparency of the layer is changed.

-Fixed an issue where the window would move to an unintended position when restoring a window position that was out of range.
- Fixed an issue where the aspect ratio of the preview window was incorrect
-Fixed an issue where the preview window display may flicker.
-Fixed an issue where the operation could be delayed when the preview window was open.
-Fixed an issue where the position may shift when flipping
-Fixed an issue where the buttons on the back would sometimes respond when pressed.
- Fixed an issue where the window would open behind the existing window when opened
- Fixed an issue where the size would change slightly when copying or moving a range selection
・Fixed an issue where the layer would appear thin when using the eraser with a uniformly transparent pen.
-Fixed an issue where the fixed aspect ratio function was not available in IE and Safari.
・Fixed an issue where the color would change when drawing with low transparency while drawing cancellation was enabled.

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