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2020, 06/23 18:07 (1390day) Posted | 2020, 06/25 22:21 (1388day) Updated
-Added the ability to select mouse and touch modes on touch-enabled PCs.
Touch-enabled PCs such as the Surface series can now perform touch operations such as pinch-zoom, just like the iPad.
However, there are cases where a mouse is used even on touch-enabled PCs, so
On touch-enabled PCs, you can now choose which mode to use when you first enter.
*This feature is only available on Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, new Edge, etc.).

If you select "Touch mode" , you can pinch to zoom with your fingers like on the iPad, and tool icons similar to the smartphone/tablet version will be displayed on the left side.
No mouse operations will be accepted.
Select this if you are drawing with your finger or a digitizer pen (Surface Pen, etc.).

If you select "Mouse Mode" , you can scroll and operate with the mouse as in the previous PC version.
Touch operations are also possible, but pinch zooming is not possible.
Select this if you are drawing with a mouse and an external pen tablet, or only with a mouse.

Whichever you choose, it will not affect the operation of digitizer pens (Surface Pen, etc.) or external pen tablets, and you can still use the pen pressure function.
If you want to change the mode later, press the "Reset" link on the admission page and the selection button will be displayed again when entering.

- Added chat overlay function <br>If the chat window is closed, new chat messages and entry/exit messages are now displayed as an overlay at the bottom of the screen.

-Improved the UI of the drawing cancellation function <br>The progress bar now displays a countdown of 5 seconds until the drawing is confirmed.
It will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the PC version, and below the undo icon in the smartphone/tablet version.

-Improved the chat log window on the iPad version
As with the PC version, you can now change the size of the window to your liking.

・Fixed an issue where the chat log would be resized while drawing.
- Fixed an issue where unintended drawing would occur if the pen mode was changed using the shortcut key while drawing was pressed while drawing cancellation was on.
・Fixed an issue where it may not be possible to cancel drawing when drawing is being pushed.

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