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2020, 05/10 09:58 (1440day) Posted | 2020, 05/12 23:49 (1438day) Updated
・We have strengthened measures against vandalism that abuses layer merging, etc. Functions that have a large impact on the canvas, such as layer merging and range movement, etc.
It can only be used if some time has passed since entering the room, and if you have already done some pen drawing.
Normally, these functions are rarely used immediately after entry, and have little effect on humans. Also, there are no restrictions on the owner.
You can turn it off by selecting ``Prohibit the use of layer merging and area deletion for a while after entering'' in ``Functional Restrictions''.

- Improved so that it will be displayed in the participant list for a while after leaving. <br>You can ban someone without opening the chat log page, which is useful for quick trolling.

・Improved the chat log <br>Operation logs (layer integration, range movement, etc.) are now saved, making it easier to identify vandals.
The operation log is not displayed in the initial state, but it is displayed when you turn it on from the filter button.

In addition, it is now possible to filter conversations, entry/exit, and operation logs.

Operation logs will now be saved for the owner-only chat log page accessed from the entrance page.
You can also filter it in the same way, so you can check it even if you are not in the room.

-Improved the palette window <br>The window size of the extended palette and shared palette is now variable, allowing you to change it to any shape you like.
Position and size are saved.

- Replay playback speed can now be set up to 100x (10000%)
-Fixed an issue where replay playback would sometimes stop midway.

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