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2019, 07/04 23:16 (1787day) Posted | 2019, 07/07 05:22 (1784day) Updated
- Added whisper function <br>A feature that allows you to send chats only to specific people.
When you press the "Whisper" link from the participant window, "@name" will be automatically entered in the chat field.
If you continue to enter a message, you will be able to send the chat only to the person with that name.

・Added a lottery function <br>One person will be selected at random from among the participants excluding those on tour and displayed in the chat field.
Only room owners can use it from Control > Game Mode. (Authority can be released)

- Added dice function <br>You can adjust the number of results from 2 to 20 and roll the dice. The results will be displayed in the chat field.
Only room owners can use it from Control > Game Mode. (Authority can be released)

-Added a timer function <br>You can display the timer at any time like auto clear.
Even if the time is up, the canvas will not be cleared, and the timer will start again at the set time.
This function is intended for use in table games, etc.
Only room owners can use it from Control > Game Mode. (Authority can be released)

・Added background image
Added a background image that can display dividing lines of 300px, 500px, 600px, and 800px.
The room owner can fix everyone's background, which is useful for collaborative projects.
You can set it from Settings > Display Settings > Transparent Background Color.

・Added a notification function using WebPush <br>Only for the PC version, we have added a function that allows you to notify people who have entered a room using WebPush.
You can enable it by clicking "Notify attendees via WebPush" under "Participant Information".
You will receive visitor notifications from your browser even if the page is not open.

・Added favorite room function
Only if you are logged in with your Twitter ID, you can add it to your favorite rooms by pressing the star icon.
A list will be displayed on the top page.
Available in both PC and smartphone versions.

- Added a function to prohibit connections from proxies and overseas. By turning on ``Prohibit access from overseas and proxies'' from ``Restrictions'' in the room settings,
You can control vandalism that bypasses bans via proxies. It can also be used by Edokko who wish to be isolated from the country.

・The image pasting function has been changed to be prohibited by default. <br>In the default state, only room owners can now use the image pasting function.
You can also release the "functional restrictions" in room settings as usual.

・Added a function to automatically remove indiscriminate trolls <br>Using machine learning-based behavior detection, we can now powerfully and continuously automatically remove people who continue to engage in malicious trolling. Ta.

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