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2020, 05/30 18:17 (1448day) Posted | 2020, 06/02 01:36 (1446day) Updated
・Improved specifications for zooming and scrolling on smartphones/tablets
Zooming, scrolling, reversing, etc. are now smoother.
Resolved an issue where color circles and sliders would lose resolution when zoomed, and windows would disappear.

・Pinch zoom is now possible regardless of the tool state on smartphones/tablets <br>You can now pinch zoom with two fingers while in pen mode or stroking mode.
When you release your finger, it returns to the original tool.

・"Two-finger operation" setting is now available in the smartphone/tablet version You can change it from "Operation setting".
The default is pen mode or eraser mode, and if you operate with two fingers, you can pinch zoom, and if you release your fingers, it will return to the original mode.
You can change the setting to remain in move mode when you lift your finger, or to disable two-finger operation (palm rejection).
This is for people who are afraid of making mistakes.

- "Full resolution mode" is now available on Android. You can turn it on from "Display settings". (When changing, you will need to re-enter the room)
Downscaling on smartphones will be disabled, and the display will be at the same resolution as the PC and iPad versions.
Unless it is a high-spec smartphone such as a Pixel 3 or later or a Galaxy S9 or later that is equipped with at least 4GB of memory,
Please note that it may crash due to lack of memory. The iPhone version is not available due to OS restrictions.

-Improved scrolling from the preview screen on smartphones/tablets
In the Android version, you can now drag the preview screen to scroll to your desired position.
In the iOS version, it was previously only possible to click, but now it is also possible to drag.

- A preview of the pat pointer is now displayed
- The settings screen has been organized and the inversion and stroking pointers are now separate lists.
・Moved "Left-handed mode" to "Operation settings"
・Reduced waiting time when restoring canvas
・More delicate expressions with a pen size of 3px or less are now possible on Android and iPhone

-Fixed the problem that the display was different from the actual one when changing the transparency in an undetermined state when using uniform transparency or mask pen.
-Fixed an issue where the eyedropper preview did not work properly when inverted
・Fixed an issue where the voice navigation reading sometimes did not work.
-Fixed an issue where the pointer position may shift when scrolling or resizing
-Fixed an issue where the size of the stroke pointer may be incorrect on Android and iPhone
- Fixed an issue where the thickness was different from other devices when using a pen size of 1px or less on iOS

-Fixed an issue where room access history could not be deleted correctly.

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