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2020, 06/29 04:31 (1486day) Posted | 2020, 07/04 12:17 (1480day) Updated
-Added a function that allows only the room owner and people who mutually follow each other to participate.If you set the "authentication function upon entry" to "Require Twitter login and mutual following",
Only the room owner and people who follow each other will be able to join the room.

If this setting is set, it will be displayed that only the owner's Twitter information and mutual followers can enter.
Each time you enter, we will check whether you are following each other, and you can only enter if you are following each other.

This is convenient because you can authenticate without using a room password. Of course you can also use them together.

*If multiple people share the owner password, mutual following will be determined on Twitter of the last owner who joined.
*If oAuth is expired, mutual follow cannot be confirmed and an error will occur. In this case, please cancel MagicalDraw's Twitter login and log in again.

- You can now change the minimum and maximum pen pressure. From Settings → Pen Pressure Settings, you can adjust the minimum and maximum pen pressure when using the pen pressure function.
If it is too thin for the pen size, you can set the lower limit by increasing the minimum pressure.

-Improved the shortcut key function
- Space key, Shift key, and Ctrl key can now be set individually.
- The shortcut keys ``Stroke while pressed'' and ``Eraser only while pressed'' can now be used from any operation mode.
- Added shortcut keys for "pen only while pressed" and "eye dropper only while pressed".
- Fixed an issue where the "Only while pressed" shortcut key and other shortcut keys could not be used at the same time.
- The specifications have been changed so that when you release the shortcut key "Only while pressed", the key returns to the previous mode instead of pen mode.
- Fixed an issue where virtual shortcut keys would not work when released.

・Improved the sound notification function
- Even in the browser version, sound notifications are now played normally after changing the mode once after entering.
- Improved the iOS version to play sound notifications while continuing to play music.

- The preview hiding function on the admission page has been abolished <br>This has been abolished because it has become a virtually meaningless function due to time shifting and Twitter posting.

- Added a workaround for the issue where colors differ when drawing with low transparency.
MagicalDraw supports various JavaScript engine environments,
Because different engines calculate colors differently when drawing with very low opacity,
It turned out that there was an issue where the color changed when re-entering another participant or room.
As a workaround for this, drawings with a transparency of 5% or less are treated uniformly as 5%. Applies to all pen modes and eraser.

・You can now use the setting "Reflect pen pressure on the eraser" in the smartphone/tablet version.
・The "Pen mode after eyedropper completion" setting is now available on smartphones/tablets.
・Improved to return to the original mode after using the range selection function
・Improved the entrance page preview to display in full resolution

-Fixed an issue where an iPhone could be misidentified as an iPad
-Fixed an issue where canvas downloads could not be performed on browsers other than Safari such as Chrome on iOS.
・Fixed an issue where the UI for the replay function, which was originally not available in the smartphone/tablet version, was displayed.

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