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2020, 07/25 23:03 (1358day) Posted | 2020, 07/29 05:06 (1355day) Updated
- Added function to save/restore settings to Twitter ID
While logged in with Twitter ID, in addition to the conventional settings file saving/restoring, you can save and restore settings to Twitter ID.
If you want to copy a color palette created on your computer to your iPad, you can easily do so without having to exchange files.
Of course, it can also be used for backup purposes.

-Improved the specifications for canceling drawings on the smartphone version <br>When drawing with fingers, unconfirmed drawings are now canceled as soon as you touch with two fingers.
This improvement has the following effects. The convenience of finger drawing on a smartphone has been greatly improved.
- Fixed an issue where small dots would sometimes be drawn when pinch-zooming with your finger while in pen mode.
- You can undo by tapping with your other finger without lifting your finger while drawing, and by pinch-zooming with two fingers after lifting your finger, you can zoom without undoing.

``Drawing cancel & zoom'' that can be set using ``two-finger operation'' in ``operation settings'' that has always existed,
In addition to the above, the specifications are different because drawing is canceled when you press with two fingers after releasing your finger.

- The grid function has been changed to the "auxiliary layer" function. <br>As the background function is now exclusive to owners, participants are no longer able to switch the background to check for unfilled areas.
As an alternative, the grid function has been changed to the "auxiliary layer" function, and the following switching is now possible.
Auxiliary layers are visible only to you and operate independently of the background.
- Grid (same as traditional grid, for checking size)
- Photoshop app (for checking unfilled areas and transparency)
- Black, purple, blue, green (for checking unpainted areas)

-Improved the extended palette function <br>The maximum number of extended palettes that can be saved has been tripled, and the ability to switch pages has been added.

・Improved the function to prevent incorrect operation <br>When drawing in a corner with a round eraser or thick pen,
The pen size will automatically change to the optimal size without reducing the size.

・Improved the Drawn Swamp/Blindfold Swamp <br>There is no longer a distinction between Hiragana and Katakana, and either one is now considered correct.

・If you create a time-lapse video using the video creation function, the storage period is now unlimited.<br>Unlike normal videos, it can be stored for several hundred days after it was last viewed. It will not be automatically deleted after the date has passed and will be stored forever.

・Fixed an issue where the drawing layer could be changed unintentionally in the smartphone/tablet version.
-Fixed an issue where the settings file could not be saved in the iOS app version.
-Fixed an issue where a straight line could be drawn when using two fingers on the Android version.
-Fixed an issue where shortcut keys would sometimes work while entering text.

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