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2020, 07/11 04:11 (1473day) Posted | 2020, 07/12 06:55 (1472day) Updated
・The background function has been improved, and it is now possible to add original backgrounds .
As soon as the owner changes the background, everyone's background will be changed to the same one.
General participants are now unable to change the background.

Additionally, you can now add original backgrounds.
Owners can upload original background images on the admission page.
If the canvas size and background image size are different, you can choose to stretch or tile the background image.

The added original background can be specified from "Operation" → "Background Image" in the room.

For example, in a collaborative project, by using the explanation and dividing frame as a background,
You can use layers 1 and 2 freely, and there is no need to restore the instructions even if you initialize the canvas.

You can also easily turn the current canvas into a background image.
You can add a layer-combined image as a background image from "Operation" → "Background image" → "Create background from current canvas".
By clearing the current canvas after turning it into a background, it can also be used as the bottom layer that cannot be edited.

The background image is also reflected in preview, time shift, and replay recording data.
The background is not included during restoration, so transparency is preserved even if a background image is used.

- Added grid function From "Settings" → "Display settings" → "Show grid",
You can display the grid above the background and below the drawing layer.
20 pixels is one square, and the line color is displayed darker every 200 pixels.

The grid is different from the background, so participants can freely change its settings, and it is hidden when saved.

・Firefox has become a non-supported browser <br>Both desktop and mobile versions of Firefox are no longer available.
Although it is a browser that no one uses anymore, there are many parts that must be considered because it is an original engine, so we will reduce the weight by truncating it.

-Improved so that the dropper function cannot pick up areas where nothing is drawn.
-Fixed an issue where the color would change when using the dropper function to suck up a transparent area
-Fixed an issue where the background was not displayed in production mode

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