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2020, 07/19 16:32 (1435day) Posted | 2020, 07/20 02:09 (1434day) Updated
・Added "Tool Preset" function <br>This is a function that can be called from shortcut keys or virtual shortcut keys by making presets of tool states collectively.
You can quickly switch to your favorite state, such as a pen for line drawing, a pen for painting, an eyedropper for thick coating, and a stroking pointer for fanning.

The following states can be saved as presets.
- Modes such as stroking mode, pen mode, etc.
- Advanced modes such as mask pen, equal transparency pen, color only eyedropper, etc.
- size and transparency
- Stroke mode pointer

To use this feature, open Settings → Tool Preset Settings.
There are currently 5 presets available, and pressing each "Save" button will save the current state as a preset.

For presets, set the call key from the shortcut key settings.
If you have set up virtual keys, you can use the virtual shortcut keys window as a simple custom toolbar.

・Improved "Dice" and "Lottery" functions

Added the "Lottery Target" setting to the "Lottery" function. You can customize your lottery.

- Lottery to determine one participant (excluding visitors)
- Lottery to select one person from all participants including visitors
- Lottery to decide one item from the input list (useful when you want to decide on a topic, etc.)

・Added "Undo drawing & zoom" to "Two-finger operation" setting
When you want to undo, just tap with two fingers, and you can also pinch-zoom by moving them, which is convenient.
You can undo any lines you accidentally drew when zooming, so you don't have to worry about it.

-Improved to automatically download replay files after replay recording is complete
・Improved to display a dialog to turn on the setting when trying to undo when drawing undo is off.
・Improved to display a dialog to turn off the setting when trying to draw without pen pressure while pen pressure is on.
-Changed the default eyedropper mode to "color only"

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