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2020, 07/14 07:28 (1429day) Posted | 2020, 07/17 09:11 (1426day) Updated
・Added a function to display the document image in a window <br>You can cut out an image saved on your computer or smartphone, or cut out a part of the canvas and display it as a MagicalDraw window.
Not only is it useful for drawing as a reference, but you can also use a dropper to absorb the color.

This function can be used from "Operation" → "Display document image".

"Select document image" reads the image on your computer or smartphone.

"Trim Canvas" trims and reads the canvas.
*Unlike preview, the image is fixed at the time of trimming and will not be updated.

You can use the eyedropper mode to directly absorb the color from the document window.
You can change the zoom rate with the slider [1] and display it semi-transparently [2].
Vertical and horizontal inversion [3] is also possible. (Excluding IE)

The image displayed in the document window is saved on the terminal, and if you leave the room with it open, it will be restored the next time you enter.

・Improved the behavior when pressing the room URL in the palette <br>On the PC version / mobile web version, copy the participation URL.
The smartphone app version calls the sharing function of the OS, so you can invite people on Twitter or LINE without switching screens.

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