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2020, 06/14 21:07 (1441day) Posted | 2020, 06/21 15:49 (1434day) Updated
- Added rotation function <br>Canvas can be rotated and displayed.
You can display the rotation window from the palette and rotate, rotate from the shortcut key, or assign the mouse wheel to rotation in the case of the PC version.

Also, previously the flip function was available from the settings window, but it has now been moved to the rotation window.

・Added AI super-resolution function <br>It is a function that can improve image quality and resolution by performing up-conversion by machine learning on the server side.
You can make a small picture larger, or scale it to a level of resolution that can be used as a book manuscript.

1. To use this feature, open "AI Super Resolution" from the "Save" window in the MagicalDraw room and select the target area.

2. The cropped area will be loaded into MagicalConverter, so select the resolution magnification and output format and press the "Start conversion" button.

When the resolution magnification is set to "2x" or "4x", the number of image pixels increases by the magnification.
When set to "0x", noise removal and resolution are performed at 2x, and then the original number of pixels is restored.

3. Processing will be done on the server side and you can download the image after completion.

Super-resolution is very expensive, so it takes a long time as the number of pixels increases, but since it is processed by the GPU on the server side, it is faster than general CPU processing.

-Improved the preview window. Changed the "left/right" and "top/bottom" display from the previous full display to an enlarged scroll position display.
In addition, "0°" has been added.

- Improved shortcut key function It is now possible to set a shortcut key for "Fit the canvas to the screen" (Fit to Window).
Single key shortcuts have been changed so that they do not respond when the Ctrl or Shift key is held down.

・Drawing cancellation is now enabled by default <br>If the stroke becomes heavy and gets stuck at the beginning, please turn it off.

- Improved the stroking pointer to also flip or rotate when flipped or rotated <br>The pointer position of all people now shows the same position regardless of the flipped or rotated state.

-Improved the copy/move destination selection UI for the copy/move function.
・Reduced stroke confirmation action for drawing cancellation (operation that cannot be undone)

-Fixed an issue where the image may blur when saving after trimming.
-Fixed an issue where the preview window may not be drawn when using the rotation function.
-Fixed an issue where mouse hints would go off the screen
- Fixed an issue where it would become impossible to draw if the drawing protection function was canceled when selected.
・Fixed an issue where non-drawers could sometimes draw when playing Painter's Swamp/Blindfolded Swamp.

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