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2020, 11/14 22:47 (1284day) Posted | 2020, 11/17 18:57 (1281day) Updated
-Added automatic replay recording function <br>All actions such as drawing and chatting for the past 3 days will be automatically recorded.
This can only be viewed by the owner from the Canvas Replay page.

This record will be deleted after 3 days, but you can keep it forever by saving it in the room.
You can save 500MB of replay data per room.

By default, saved replays can only be played by the owner.
When you publish a replay, a URL like the one below will be generated, allowing people other than the owner to play it.

*For rooms with a password, a password is required to play.
*Only the owner can save the canvas to "Saved Canvas" by selecting "Save" → "Save to Room" in a specific replay scene. It is also possible to restore the current canvas using that data.
*Save and playback are compatible with both PC and mobile versions.

With the conventional replay function, you cannot record unless you are participating in the room, and the operation becomes slow while recording.
There were some drawbacks, such as if you forgot to press the record button, the recording would start midway through, and it was a hassle to transfer the file when you wanted to show it to someone.
The automatic replay recording function allows you to save your play anytime within 3 days, and you can also show it to others by simply sharing the URL.

It can be used in planning picture chats, etc., such as ``If you fell asleep during the event or were unable to participate, please watch the public replay later.''
In addition to passing the URL, replays that have been set to public can be viewed in a list from "Canvas Replays" on the room entry page.

-You can now select the saved data to rewind using the "Canvas rewind" function.
- Improved to delete previously authenticated data and request password entry again when changing room entry password.
・Fixed an issue where unintended drawing was performed when right-clicking during push-drawing.
・Fixed an issue where frames after frame 32 were missing in the GIF animation production function.

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