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2021, 01/09 04:52 (1261day) Posted | 2021, 03/21 20:54 (1189day) Updated
・You can now create a dictionary of quiz data for Painter's Swamp/Blindfold's Swamp.
While logged in with your Twitter ID, you can now create multiple original quiz dictionaries and use them across rooms.
You can create and manage quizzes from "Manage original quizzes" on "My Page".

In addition to using the dictionary in the room you own, you can also make it public for other people to play with by switching the dictionary to "Public".

You can use self-made dictionaries or public dictionaries by selecting them at the start of the game.
If you just want to use a public dictionary, you do not need to log in with your Twitter ID.

You can continue to use the original quiz function that is set for each room, but it is scheduled to be discontinued in the future, so please migrate to it.
1. While using the original dictionary, quizzes will be asked from that dictionary.
2. Otherwise, if an original quiz has been set for each room, the quiz will be asked from there.
3. If none of the above is true, MagicalDraw's default quiz will be asked.

-Improved the quiz judgment for Painter's Swamp/Blindfold's Swamp <br>Hiragana/Katakana are no longer distinguished and some symbols are now ignored.

・Changed the method for identifying individuals <br>Due to the increasing number of users using the same network,
Devices accessed for the first time after January 8, 2021 have been changed so that each device is recognized as a different person.
Please log in with your Twitter ID to synchronize your history and owner rights.

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