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2021, 01/12 06:35 (1226day) Posted | 2021, 01/14 06:57 (1224day) Updated
・ Added gem system <br>Experience points are accumulated from drawing time, number of drawings, game scores, etc., and you can now acquire gems according to your level with a certain amount of experience points.
Gems are displayed as icons before their names.

You can check your gem level and experience points from my page.

As you acquire better gems, you will receive various benefits.

Twitter login is required to accumulate experience points, but if you are logged in (link is enabled), you can accumulate experience points even if you enter the room in anonymous mode.
(A stone will be displayed for participants in anonymous mode.)

・Added a function that allows you to cut out the canvas and immediately create a pointer by stroking.
You can cut out a part of the canvas in the room and stroke it to turn it into a pointer.

It can be used only when logged in to Twitter, and the created pointer can be managed from "My Page" → "Manage My Pointer".

・Added a function to select a stroking pointer from a list in the room.
You can now display a list of public pointers and room pointers and use whatever you like.

Previously, public pointers were used by adding them to My Pointer while logged in to Twitter.
This feature allows you to use public pointers even if you are not logged in.
(If you want to create your own or manage the list, you need to log in)

・Added a function to erase all the drawing hands in the drawing swamp <br>You can now erase all the canvas even if you are not the owner.

・Added a pause function to Oekaki no Swamp <br>The owner can now pause and resume the progress (countdown) of the game.
While the game is paused, even if a correct answer is given, it will not be judged as correct. I can't even move on to the next game.
If you pause with less than 10 seconds remaining, when you restart, it will start from the remaining 10 seconds.
For example, it is useful when you want to wait until the painter finishes drawing, or when you want to draw until you are satisfied after receiving an answer.

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