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2024, 05/29 15:34 (55day) Posted | 2024, 05/29 15:35 (55day) Updated
After sending an email, it will now be put on hold for 30 seconds, allowing you to cancel the sending.

To enable this feature, turn on "Enable Undo Send" in Advanced Settings.

When you send an email with the Undo Send feature enabled, an "Undo last send" button will appear at the top of the sent page for 30 seconds.

If you press this button within 30 seconds, the last email you sent will not actually be sent and will revert to draft status.
Once the 30 seconds have passed, the message will be sent to the other party and cannot be cancelled.

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2023, 09/07 02:00 (321day) Posted | 2023, 09/07 23:09 (320day) Updated
2023/09/07 23:05 (JST) Added
The domain has been unblocked by AFNIC and you can now send and receive emails using the email address for the domain "".
We apologize for the inconvenience caused for a long time.
We are planning to change the registrar as a measure to prevent this from happening again.

The domain "" provided on the throwaway email address (InstAddr) is blocked by AFNIC.
Currently unable to send or receive.

Such domains will be subject to the normal registrant verification process and
Even though I submitted the documents before the deadline (7 days),
Because the employing registrar ( failed to forward the documents to AFNIC within the deadline,
This is due to being blocked due to exceeding the deadline.

We are currently strongly requesting and AFNIC to rescind the block as soon as possible.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2023, 04/26 16:30 (454day) Posted | 2023, 04/26 23:44 (454day) Updated
2023/04/26 We have released v2.5.7 which has resolved the addition issue.

We have confirmed that Takumead v2.5.5 does not start and crashes in iOS11-13 environment.
This will be fixed in the next version, so please wait without uninstalling the app to prevent account loss.

If you are using a version lower than v2.5.5, please do not update manually.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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2023, 03/05 19:44 (506day) Posted | 2023, 08/31 20:35 (327day) Updated
We have added an email creation assist function that uses AI to correct email content and automatically generate reply content.
Anyone can use it.
If the premium plan is active, it uses smarter AI models to improve the quality of results.

After entering the text of the email roughly, press the assist function icon on the upper right of the entry field to automatically correct it to a polite style.

If you don't like it, press the "Regenerate" button to change to a different result.
If you like it, press "Yes" to replace the text.

If you want to reply to an email, press the assist function icon at the top right of the entry field without filling anything in, and a screen will appear where you can select an image for your reply.
Just select a rough image of the content you want to reply to, such as affirmation, denial, or hold, and a reply will be automatically generated.

You can also format the text that was roughly entered when replying, and further automatically correct the automatically generated text.

In addition, automatic generation supports languages other than Japanese, and automatically determines the language of the email body or reply source and generates sentences in that language.

This feature is in beta.

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2022, 12/14 05:04 (588day) Posted | 2022, 12/14 05:08 (588day) Updated
You can now save the login information for your Takumead account as a QR code.
You can log in by reading a QR code instead of an ID and password, making it easier to use long and secure IDs and passwords.
This is convenient when logging in with multiple devices, as you can log in by reading the QR code displayed on one screen.

[How to download the account card (QR code) of your current account]

1. Open the Address tab > "Account Information" > "Account Card".

2. A QR code will be displayed, so download and save the image or take a screenshot.

*The QR code will become invalid if you change your ID or password. You will need to save it again.

[How to log in with a QR code]

1. Press the Address tab > "Log in to another account" > QR code icon.

2. You can log in by selecting an image that includes a QR code or by taking a photo of the QR code with a camera.

*If you have already set up two-factor authentication (2FA), you will be required to do so after reading the QR code.

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2022, 08/31 13:06 (692day) Posted | 2022, 08/31 13:06 (692day) Updated
It is now possible to make a fixed-term address created by "Add a single-use address with a limited time limit" indefinitely.
Select the address you want to make indefinite from "Your email address" and press the "Extend" button to make it expire.

Also, regarding addresses that have been deleted after the expiration date or addresses that have been deleted voluntarily,
You can now re-register at any time from the "deleted address".

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2022, 07/16 00:05 (739day) Posted | 2022, 08/30 14:09 (693day) Updated
We have added an "account merging feature" that allows you to move your email address and sent/received emails to the account you are logging into when logging into another throwaway email account.

When you log in from the "Address" tab → "Log in to another account", a confirmation of your intention to integrate will be displayed.
After allowing it here, the integration will start by allowing the integration again in "Your User Information".
*To prevent accidental and unintentional integration, double confirmation of intent will be performed.

The information below will be integrated into the account you are logged in to.

・Holding email addresses ・Record of deleted email addresses ・Record of email addresses that can be re-registered ・Sending and receiving emails ・Alternative addresses for addresses ・Rejected email list ・Email form ・Save search words

*In order to prevent main accounts from being merged by mistake, the merge dialog will not be displayed for accounts for which a "recovery address" or "linked account" is being set.

*If the integration source includes many email addresses or emails, it may take some time to complete the integration. Since it is processed sequentially on the server side, the integration will continue even if the app is closed.

*If the integration source includes your own domain settings, email addresses created with your own domain, and related data, they will not be integrated.
You need to cancel it once and then set it again.
If the integration destination includes your own domain settings, you can use it as is.

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2022, 07/04 14:15 (750day) Posted | 2022, 07/04 14:15 (750day) Updated
The latest version v2.0.0 of Chrome (including Edge) extension "Discarded Mead for Chrome" is now compliant with Manifest V3.
We've removed the following features, as they limit a lot of what the extension can do.

・Sound notification when new mail arrives ・Synthetic voice reading of new mail

Manifest V3 is a complete downgrade with no particular benefits for developers and users,
Since the deadline for V2's abolition is approaching, we decided to migrate this time.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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2022, 06/26 21:20 (758day) Posted | 2022, 06/26 21:20 (758day) Updated
- The maximum number of sent and received emails that can be displayed on one page has been revised upward. You can now display up to 200 emails on one page from "Advanced Settings" → "Number of emails displayed per page".

- You can now re-download emails that have been downloaded using POP3 access (premium plan only)
"Address" tab → "Your email address" → Select email address → "POP3/SMTP" → From the reset button on the right side of the password,
Resetting your POP3 password will erase any records you have already downloaded, allowing you to download emails in your inbox again.

-You can now download the list of email addresses you have in CSV format (PC version only)
You can download it from the "Address" tab → "Your email address" → CSV button at the bottom.

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2022, 06/19 13:35 (765day) Posted | 2022, 06/26 20:17 (758day) Updated
By setting your own domain as a discarded email address, you can use it in the same way as the domain provided for the discarded email address.
This feature is only available with an active Premium plan.
Domains added with this feature are for your use only and cannot be used by others. Addresses are also non-transferable.

You need to get your own domain from Google Domains,, etc., and be able to change the DNS record.
If the DNS record can be changed, it can also be used for subdomains.

Setting method
1. Click "Advanced Settings" → "Domain Settings" → "Original Domain" → "Add" button.
2. Enter the domain name you own. It also supports multibyte domains.
3. Set up MX and TXT records in your DNS as shown.
4. Wait up to 1 hour for the DNS change and press the "Confirm" button.
5. Once it is confirmed that the DNS has been set correctly, you will be able to create addresses using your own domain and send and receive emails with the abandoned email address.

About DNS Settings and Domain Validity Confirmation <br>Do not change or delete the added DNS settings even after they have been confirmed.
DNS settings and domain validity are checked periodically and revert to unverified status after a period of incorrect time.
You will not be able to create addresses or send emails in an unauthenticated state.

Features that can be used <br>Emails sent and received on your own domain are encrypted with SPF/DKIM, just like other abandoned email domains.
You cannot use the "transfer address" function, but you can use all other functions.

About using the same original domain from multiple discarded emails <br>By setting a TXT record for identity verification for each discarded email account, you can share the same original domain from multiple discarded emails.

Restrictions after Premium Expiration <br>The unique domain feature can only be used when the premium plan is valid.
If your premium plan expires while using features, you will not be able to create addresses, send emails, or add domains. You can receive it with the created address.

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