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2022, 06/19 13:35 (757day) Posted | 2022, 06/26 20:17 (750day) Updated
By setting your own domain as a discarded email address, you can use it in the same way as the domain provided for the discarded email address.
This feature is only available with an active Premium plan.
Domains added with this feature are for your use only and cannot be used by others. Addresses are also non-transferable.

You need to get your own domain from Google Domains,, etc., and be able to change the DNS record.
If the DNS record can be changed, it can also be used for subdomains.

Setting method
1. Click "Advanced Settings" → "Domain Settings" → "Original Domain" → "Add" button.
2. Enter the domain name you own. It also supports multibyte domains.
3. Set up MX and TXT records in your DNS as shown.
4. Wait up to 1 hour for the DNS change and press the "Confirm" button.
5. Once it is confirmed that the DNS has been set correctly, you will be able to create addresses using your own domain and send and receive emails with the abandoned email address.

About DNS Settings and Domain Validity Confirmation <br>Do not change or delete the added DNS settings even after they have been confirmed.
DNS settings and domain validity are checked periodically and revert to unverified status after a period of incorrect time.
You will not be able to create addresses or send emails in an unauthenticated state.

Features that can be used <br>Emails sent and received on your own domain are encrypted with SPF/DKIM, just like other abandoned email domains.
You cannot use the "transfer address" function, but you can use all other functions.

About using the same original domain from multiple discarded emails <br>By setting a TXT record for identity verification for each discarded email account, you can share the same original domain from multiple discarded emails.

Restrictions after Premium Expiration <br>The unique domain feature can only be used when the premium plan is valid.
If your premium plan expires while using features, you will not be able to create addresses, send emails, or add domains. You can receive it with the created address.

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