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2022, 01/13 03:50 (922day) Posted | 2022, 01/16 03:07 (919day) Updated
Added on 2022/01/15 15:50 <br>The objection has been accepted and the "" address has been restored to normal use.
We apologize for the delay in recovery as it took us some time to make understand that the domain lock was an error and there was no problem with our operations.

Added at 22:50, 2022/01/14 (PST)
"" addresses have been restored to normal availability.
Apologies for the delay in recovery as it took some time for to understand that the domain lock was a mistake and that there was no problem with InstAddr's operation.


For the domain address,
Due to the domain being locked by the registrar, sending, receiving, and new registrations are not available.

As for the reason for the registrar lock,, the hiring registrar, explains that it is "due to spam being sent."
The email provided as evidence was not sent from the "" mail server;
Spam was sent from a third-party mail server with the "Reply-To:" header set to the address obtained from "".
Since such emails are not sent from our mail server, even the advanced spam prevention AI operated by the throwaway email address cannot prevent them from being sent.

However, the registrar only received one abuse regarding an email sent from the third party's email server.
It seems that the registrar has locked the domain without contacting me, the owner of the domain.

Regarding this matter, we will protest to the registrar and request that the registrar lock be lifted.
I'm considering transferring my domain to another registrar.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience until the issue is resolved.

For addresses in "" domain, Due to a registrar hold on the domain, sending, receiving and new registrations are not available.

As for the reason for the registrar hold, (domain registrar) says it is "due to spam being sent".

However, the email shown as the basis was not sent from "" mail server.
Spam with the address obtained from "" set in the "Reply-To:" header was sent out from a third party's mail server.

Even InstAddr's anti-spam AI cannot prevent such mail from being sent.
This is because they do not originate from InstAddr's mail server.

Inexcusably, the registrar received an "Abuse" of the mail sent from the third party's mail server and locked the registrar without notifying me.

I'm protesting to the registrar about this matter and requesting them to lift the registrar hold.
At the same time, considering transferring my domain to another registrar.

Sorry for the inconvenience and please wait for a while until the problem is resolved.
Thank you.

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