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2019, 09/09 03:04 (1637day) Posted | 2019, 09/11 02:38 (1635day) Updated
・Added a function that allows you to sell emotions with broadcaster points
You can start selling from My Emotion Room.
While selling with distributor points, it will not be displayed on the emotion list page, but will only be displayed on your own KOM.

・Emotions being distributed are now displayed on KOM <br>Emotions being distributed are now displayed on your own distribution page and profile page, making it easier for viewers to see.
Only the top 12 items are displayed, so you can display any item by sorting to the top.

・The maximum number of broadcast slots has been added <br>Because there was a shortage of broadcast slots during peak hours, we increased the number of broadcast slots with recordings. (80→100)

・Image comments can now be used on smartphones <br>Image comments (SS comments) can be used from smartphone web and smartphone apps.
You can open the comment section by clicking on the "three" icon in the upper right corner.

-Improved the voting function <br>You can now start voting even if there is only one option.
Additionally, it is now possible to require entry in the "free entry field".

・Fixed an issue where the participation qualification function could not be used
Fixed an issue where the "Participation Eligibility" function could not be used.
Available only when starting from the broadcast slot management page.

-Added function restriction settings.
You can now use the following prohibited functions from "Disable and Restrict" in the distribution settings.
- [B bomb] [Omikuji scratch] function prohibited
- [Raise title] [Heart points] Disable function
- [Give Kukupo] function

・Improved the drawing comment editor <br>Updated to the latest version of the built-in MagicalDraw, and added a confirmation screen when posting.

-Improved so that the comment block is not initialized when blacklist is initialized.
- The maximum number of emotions that can be registered has been relaxed (200 → 400)
- The maximum number of favorite streamers to register has been relaxed (100 → 1000)
・Fixed an issue where the beginning of comments may not be displayed on the smartphone version of Time Shift.

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