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2019, 08/27 02:26 (1734day) Posted | 2019, 08/28 00:34 (1733day) Updated
08/28 update: It is now possible to post the reason for deletion in a shorter period

Regarding recordings (time shift) that are intentionally deleted or made private due to the function or the operation of the broadcaster,
Because there are so many cases of people misunderstanding that it has been regulated and deleted and inquiring about it,
We have improved it as follows.

・Case where the broadcaster deleted the broadcast <br>In this case, it was deleted from the distribution record list and was no longer displayed anywhere.
When I accessed the URL, a message saying "The broadcast has been deleted by the broadcaster" was displayed, but there was no other way to access it other than the history.

This time, for 7 days, it has been improved to leave it in the list as "(deleted by distributor)" .
Since the broadcaster has requested to delete it from their records, it will disappear from the list as usual after 7 days.
In addition, you will be able to enter the reason for deletion when deleting "Broadcast list so far" on the broadcast slot management page,
If you enter it, the reason for deletion will also be included in the list.

・Cases where non-recording broadcast slots are used (as before)
On kukuluLIVE, broadcasters who do not wish to record their broadcasts can select a "non-recording broadcast frame" at the start of the broadcast.
If this broadcast slot is used, no recording will remain. "No recording frame" is displayed in the list.

・ Cases where the distributor has made the distribution private (as before)
On kukuluLIVE, you can make specific broadcasts or all of your broadcasts private without deleting them.
In this case, it will be displayed as "Recording private" in the list.
There is also a function that allows you to view even private broadcasts by requesting viewing from the broadcaster and being approved.

・Cases deleted by the administrator due to rule violation <br>We will send an individual message to the sender.
When you access the URL, the reason for deletion is displayed.
In addition to the above, improvements have been made to remain in the list as "(deleted by administrator)" for 7 days .
After 7 days, it will disappear from the list as before.
*Basically, we are available 24 hours a day, so it is very rare that we need to respond after the recording has started.

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