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2019, 09/30 09:23 (1728day) Posted | 2019, 10/01 17:49 (1727day) Updated
2019/10/01 14:50 Added Fixed an issue where the button did not respond when pressed in certain environments.

"Notification of new broadcasts (simple version without login required)"
This is a function that allows you to be notified of new broadcasts from a specific broadcaster without logging in (registering) with your kukulu ID or Twitter ID.

Just by pressing a button on the viewing page, you will be notified of new broadcasts from that broadcaster using WebPush.
This function overlaps with the WebPush notification of "favorite distributor", but
This simplified version has the great advantage of not requiring login,
You can use it with peace of mind even if you belong to a sect whose body refuses to log in.

For those who are logged in, the notification function of favorite broadcasters is more advanced as before, but
A simplified version can be used.

Even if you later migrate to the WebPush function of your favorite distributor,
Don't worry, we've made sure that you don't get duplicate notifications.

kukuluLIVE offers a wide variety of other notification methods.

Click here for details

* The number of additions to this simple version is also included in the "Favorite addition number" of the broadcaster level calculation standard.

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