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2019, 10/26 04:38 (1732day) Posted | 2019, 12/18 06:05 (1679day) Updated
We are planning to add a new series to kukuluLIVE figures.

Conventional figures used Mabinogi's 3D avatar,
It will change to a new mechanism that uses images such as illustrations and photos of the distributor.

Therefore, we are looking for distributors who want to turn themselves into figures!
If you are interested, please register your image and name from the form below.

<Regarding participation qualifications>
Only distributors with distribution records on kukuluLIVE can apply.

<About images that can be used for figures>
・For the figure image, you can use illustrations that you created yourself or photos that you took yourself, such as selfies.
・You can also use images created by others if you have permission from the creator.
・Please create figures as PNG or JPEG images of 128 x 256 pixels. Transparency and animation are not possible.
・Images that violate public order and morals may not be used as figures.
・Once an image has been turned into a figure, it cannot be deleted. Please be careful when using facial photos, etc.

<About figure name and specifications>
・Please set a name for your figure.
・Basically, the name you set will be used as a figure, but this may change depending on the rarity setting, character limit, etc.
・Rarity, ability values, group, summary, etc. will be determined and set by us after considering the streamer's character.

<Regarding the reception period>
- New series will be added once sufficient application data has been collected.
・If there are a large number of applications, the figure may not be made into a figure even if you apply. In that case, you can just apply for the next series.

P.S.: Since the number of applications has not reached the number required to form a new series, we have abolished the application deadline and changed to create a series once we have enough applications.

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