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2018, 11/18 23:15 (2044day) Posted | 2018, 11/21 23:40 (2041day) Updated
Previously, iOS and Android versions were released using a common code base, but
Since maintenance is limited in AdobeAIR, we rebuilt it from scratch using AndroidJava.

With the new kukuluLIVE Player (Android version), you can now watch with the same UX as the smartphone browser version and PC version.
It also operates more easily than before, and consumes less battery.
Future updates can be reflected in real time without the need to update the app.

In addition to the same functions as the smartphone browser version, the following functions are available in the app version.

・New broadcast notifications (push notifications to notify you of the start of broadcasts from broadcasters added to your "favorite broadcasters" from your smartphone or computer)
・Low image quality mode (bandwidth consumption reduction)

Due to the built-in Chrome, the new version of the app can only be used on Android 5 or later.
Please use Android 4.4 and lower versions without updating.

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