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2018, 10/10 22:47 (2082day) Posted | 2018, 10/10 22:50 (2082day) Updated
・Added a throwaway email address limited domain to streamer level benefits <br>Streamers whose streamer level is "Hyena (Lv2)" or higher can use the streamer exclusive domain "" as a "throwaway email address". It is now possible to issue up to 3 campaign codes that can be used.
A campaign code can be issued and used by following the steps below.

1. Click "Issue campaign code" from "Other > Discarded email address" in the settings column of the broadcast slot management page.

2. Click on the issued campaign code to copy it.

3. Open the throwaway email address ( and register the code from "Your User Information > Enter Campaign Code".

*If you are already using the code on your smartphone, please make sure you are logged in to the same Takumead account on your computer before using the code.

4. The broadcaster-only domain "" will be added to "Add by specifying email address", and you can create as many as you like using that throwaway email account.

Once the campaign code is used for a throwaway email account, it cannot be reused.
You can issue up to three copies, so the remaining two can be gifted to friends.

Takumeadaku is a service that allows you to create and manage an unlimited number of disposable e-mail addresses for game registration and for an unlimited period of time.
It can be used from a smartphone app or computer.

A list of current streamer level benefits can be found below.

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