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2018, 10/23 03:17 (2000day) Posted | 2018, 10/23 03:20 (2000day) Updated
We have released version 2.0.0 of the extension (add-on) "kukuluLIVE Notification" for Chrome and Firefox.

kukuluLIVE Notification for Chrome

kukuluLIVE Notification for Firefox

- The specifications have been changed to notify you of new broadcasts from your favorite broadcasters . Previously, you could register your favorite broadcasters in a dedicated "notification list" to be notified of new broadcasts. but,
From this version, we will now notify you of new broadcasts from broadcasters registered in your "favorite broadcasters".

There were two lists: "favorite broadcasters" and "notification list", and the differences between them made it difficult to change.
It will be integrated into "favorite distributors".

If you are already using "Favorite Distributor", you can continue to use it.

If you wish to copy data from the conventional "notification list" to "favorite distributors",
If you open the favorite distributor list page from the add-on settings screen, the transfer button will be displayed.

・You can now always know the number of broadcasts using the icon badge. <br>The add-on icon badge will always display the number of "favorite streamers" who are currently broadcasting live.
Even if you miss the new arrival notification, you can notice the broadcast with the icon badge.

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