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2018, 09/29 15:36 (2124day) Posted | 2018, 09/29 20:56 (2124day) Updated
By setting the next scheduled broadcast date and time, we have added a function that allows you to notice it on the top page and self-introduction column.

If you access the broadcast slot management page without acquiring a broadcast slot,
A link to "Notice of next scheduled broadcast date and time" will be displayed.
You can set the next scheduled broadcast date and time from this link.

Foreshadowing has the following advantages:

・Publication of notice information <br>The latest 10 notices are displayed on the top page. It will also be posted on the distributor page and self-introduction.
Favorite broadcasters' announcements are highlighted, making it difficult for viewers to miss their favorite broadcasters' broadcasts.

・Reminder <br>If you turn on email notifications, you will be notified by email if the broadcast slot has not been acquired 5 minutes before the scheduled date and time.
The setting will be automatically canceled after the scheduled date and time.

・Priority broadcast slot acquisition <br>Only if the notice is set more than 3 hours before the scheduled date and time, from 30 minutes before to 10 minutes after the scheduled date and time,
You can obtain the broadcast slot preferentially (*).

*This is a system that allows only those who meet the conditions to use a small number of reserve slots when the regular broadcast slot is full.
It is the same as the streamer level benefit (Red Panda and above), but it can also be used by those with a lower streamer level as a preview benefit.

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