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2018, 07/09 01:53 (2112day) Posted | 2018, 07/09 01:55 (2112day) Updated
・Added the "Private timeshift approval system public" function <br>Added a function that allows only specific people who have approved the timeshift that is set to be private to view.

When a viewer opens a stream with Timeshifting set to "Private" (except for deletion or disabling Timeshifting), the "Request Private Timeshifting Rights" button will appear.

When a viewer sends a request to a broadcaster, a notification will be sent to the broadcaster's "Your Messages".

Streamers can view a list of viewer requests and can "allow" or "reject" them at any time.

If you "allow" that viewer, they can watch all your private timeshifts.
However, if the time shift has been deleted or if "Disable time shift function" is turned on, you will not be able to watch it.

If you "reject", that viewer will be denied viewing of the private time shift.
The other party will not be notified of the rejection. It will remain pending approval.

In combination with the setting "Check before publishing [Watch recorded video (time shift)]",
It is also possible to make certain timeshifts open to the public with approval only, while other timeshifts are open to the public.

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