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2018, 06/22 23:05 (2215day) Posted | 2020, 10/21 02:59 (1364day) Updated
[For those who require settings]
・Streamers who launch OBS etc. on their own without using Coffret and make a push connection It will be set automatically, so there is no need to set it.

[If not set...]
Public broadcasts and private broadcasts will not be possible, and you will be forced to return to the preparing state.

[If using Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS Studio)]

1. Open [Settings] → “Output” tab.
2. Change "Output Mode" to "Advanced" and set "Keyframe Interval" to "1" seconds.

*After changing settings, push reconnection or restarting OBS is required.

[If using Open Broadcaster Software Classic (OBS Classic)]

1. Open [Settings] → [Advanced Settings].
2. Set "Keyframe Interval" to "1".

*After changing settings, push reconnection or restarting OBS is required.

[If using XSplit]

1. Click the "Video Encoding" settings button in "Custom RTMP Properties".
2. Set "Max Keyframe Interval" to "0.5".

*After changing settings, push reconnection or restart of XSplit is required.

[If using ffmpeg]

For 30fps (-r 30), add "keyint=15" to the x264 parameter,
For 60fps (-r 60), add "keyint=30" to the x264 parameter.

Q. It's a pain to set up, I don't understand.
It will be automatically configured when you start OBS from Coffret .

Q. Will changing the settings degrade the image quality?
Since the bitrate is occupied by the keyframe, if you have set the upper limit bitrate, the image quality will decrease slightly when you change the setting.
If this bothers you, please increase the bit rate setting, or if you have the CPU, change the encoder preset (x264 encoding profile) to "veryfast (low latency, high quality)" or higher.
Also, try using hardware encoding (QSV or NVENC) with the highest quality settings.

Q. I am adjusting the x264 advanced settings myself.
You may adjust the parameters other than "keyint" by yourself.

Q. If I do as instructed, the video becomes distorted or choppy <br>The bit rate is insufficient. Please set it to at least 800 kbps or higher.
Also, change the encoder preset (x264 encoding profile) to "veryfast (low latency, high quality)" or higher.
If the line is thin, increase the encoder quality setting, and if the CPU is weak, increase the bit rate.
You can also try using hardware encoding (QSV or NVENC).

Q. Settings are not reflected when NvEnc (NVIDIA GPU encoding) is enabled.
NvEnc ignores x264 parameters, so set the "key frame interval" to "1 second".
Click here for detailed settings ⇒

Q. I'm not sure if the settings are set correctly . If you wait 30 seconds after making a push connection, you can check the setting status from "HTML5 Compatibility Status" on the broadcast slot management page.

Q. Does the keyframe interval always have to be 0.5 seconds?
We recommend 0.5 seconds, but anything less than 2 seconds (keyframe interval twice fps) is allowed.
If you set it to 0.5 seconds or more, the delay will increase, but the image quality will improve at the same bit rate.
Even if you set it to 0.5 seconds or less, the delay is the same as setting it to 0.5 seconds.

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