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2018, 03/31 18:45 (2265day) Posted | 2018, 04/02 02:05 (2264day) Updated
For those of you who love DowsingRod, we've made a patch to make it compatible with kukuluLIVE.

【update information】

[2018/04/02 02:00]
・Improved to judge by partial match when manually registering favorite distributors.
(In the case of automatic registration from the list, the @ broadcaster number is added to the end and it becomes an exact match, but in the case of manual registration, it becomes a partial match.In the case of automatic registration, even if the broadcaster changes their name, it will be tracked.) However, in the case of manual registration, it is not tracked.)
* Since it is only a change on the server side, reapplication of the patch is unnecessary .

[2018/04/01 19:50]
-Fixed an issue where list acquisition was not possible when there was no distribution from favorite distributors.
・Fixed an issue where an incorrect URL would be opened when opening a broadcast from the list of favorite broadcasters.
* Since it is only a change on the server side, reapplication of the patch is unnecessary .

[2018/03/31 21:00]
-Fixed an issue where the list could not be obtained when a broadcaster was registered as a favorite.
*It is necessary to reapply the patch .
If you want to apply a new patch to DowsingRod that has already been patched, please use "drkukulupatch_update.exe".

[How to apply patches (new/updated)]

1. Only "version 1.5.2 (2014/06/25 version)" is compatible with the patch.
If you are using an older version, please update to the latest version and apply the patch.

2. The patch can be downloaded from below.

3. After unzipping the patch zip, put "drkukulupatch_new.exe" and "drkukulupatch_update.exe" in the same location as "DowsingRod.exe".
*If DowsingRod is running, be sure to close it. (The icon has disappeared from the taskbar at the bottom right)

4. If you want to patch an unpatched DowsingRod, run "drkukulupatch_new.exe".
If you have already applied an old patch, please run "drkukulupatch_update.exe".
If you get an error, your cat may have applied the patch on its own, so if you start a different exe, you'll probably be fine.
If "Completed successfully" is displayed, the patch is complete.

5. When you start DowsingRod, if the item "UStream (personal distribution has been closed)" has changed to "kukulu*", there is no problem.


Q. I get a warning if the patch exe is a dangerous file.
A. Some security software, including Windows Smart Screen, have a system that warns you that exe files that are used by a small number of users are dangerous without looking at their contents. Even major bands were unknown at first. Please give appropriate execution permission.

Q. I can no longer get the list.
A. Please reapply the latest patch. If you are unable to apply the patch correctly, please delete "DowsingRod.exe", download the latest version of DowsingRod, overwrite it, and then apply the patch again.

kukuluLIVE has many notification functions in addition to the above.
Please refer to the following for more information.

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