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2016, 04/01 23:50 (2941day) Posted | 2016, 04/02 00:22 (2941day) Updated
・Added a function that allows you to search for and view past recordings of the broadcaster you are watching.
You can view a list of broadcasters' timeshifts in the app while watching live/timeshift.

・You can now add the broadcast you are watching to your My List. (Only while logged in)
Streaming can be added to My List from the setting screen while watching Live/Timeshift.

・Distributors who have registered for new broadcast notifications are now added to favorite distributors at the same time. (Only while logged in)
In the "Favorite Distributor" list when displaying the time shift, those registered in the new broadcast notification will also be displayed.

・Added a function to adjust the size of characters and images.
Scaling is automatically adjusted according to the DPI of the device, but manual adjustment is now possible if you want to make the characters larger or smaller.
You can change it from the setting screen while watching Live/Timeshift. It is necessary to reopen the screen for the changes to be reflected.

-Fixed an issue where time-shifting of recently finished WMV distributions could not be viewed only when high quality was set.

Known defects:
・In the iOS version, the initial buffer charge of Time Shift rarely ends <br>You can watch it by reopening the viewing screen. It will be fixed in the next update.

These features are supported from version "1.8.4" onwards.
Both iOS and Android versions are already available.

See below for the kukuluLIVE Player app.

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