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2016, 03/12 11:32 (3014day) Posted | 2016, 03/12 14:07 (3014day) Updated
・Improved the specifications of high-speed high-quality mode (during demonstration experiment)
We have clustered the high-speed, high-resolution mode server systems, which previously were fixedly mirrored, and introduced a mechanism for automatic control.
By clustering and moving resources (costs) in unit time, we prevent shortages during busy times.
Furthermore, by sharing data within a cluster, the burden on the distribution source remains the same even when resources are significantly increased.
Similar to P2P high-quality mode, viewing can be done by virtually any number of people.

By recording and predicting the number of connections, the cluster increases server resources before they become full, and decreases them when they are overloaded.

This mechanism greatly reduces the chance of the high-speed, high-quality mode becoming full (except when there is a sudden increase).
A low-latency, high-quality mode is always available for most viewers.

・High-speed high-quality mode is now available in the Android app version. <br>With the latest version 1.7.0, high-speed high-quality mode is now available in addition to mobile mode.
While watching, open the settings screen and turn on "High speed high quality mode". (Only available for live viewing)

Mobile mode is about 500Kbps, but high-speed high-quality mode requires a download bandwidth of 1 to 2Mbps.

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