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2015, 12/30 15:35 (3090day) Posted | 2015, 12/30 15:41 (3090day) Updated

・"KukuTalk" can now be selected as the reading engine. If you want to use "KukuTalk", please turn on "Use KukuTalk (Beta)" from "Comment reading" in "Comments".
When you start it for the first time, it will download a file of about 20MB.

Internally, OpenJTalk (with a secret English word dictionary) is used to read out the text.
If you have an htsvoice file, you can switch to any voice.
Mei-chan is included as the default voice.

*Unlike the "KukuTalk Network" that existed three years ago, synthesized speech is generated locally.

The auto-update feature automatically updates the app at startup.

Automatically Translated. (Show original)
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