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2015, 12/20 19:44 (3043day) Posted | 2015, 12/20 21:29 (3043day) Updated
・Changed the Kukupo granting rules in high-quality mode. <br>We have changed the Kukupo granting amount from the conventional amount of transfers to the viewing time, and reviewed the Kukupo granting amount.
Also, the upper limit is 700 Kukupo per day, and you can no longer earn more.
(reset at 0:00 every day)

Most people will be able to earn more Kukupo than before in a short time.
In addition, the estimated value of the currently acquired Kukupo is now displayed at the bottom left of the distribution screen.

*This is just an estimate, and actual Kukupo will be awarded after the broadcast ends.

- Fixed an issue when using XSplit
If you are setting long keyframes in XSplit,
Fixed an issue where streaming capture or low quality mode was sometimes unavailable.

・Fixed a problem with streaming capture <br>In rare cases, the image would be distorted when capturing still images during streaming, but this has been fixed.

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