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2018, 06/28 04:11 (2117day) Posted | 2018, 07/03 00:35 (2112day) Updated
- Enhanced the "Support" function <br>Viewers can now give up to 1000 hearts at once using the "Support" function.
The animation now changes depending on the number of hearts you give.
Furthermore, for broadcasts that have been given hearts, the list of broadcasts on the top page will be displayed for 20 seconds for each heart, which will be very lovely.
Give a lot of hearts to your favorite streamer.

- Enhanced the "Streamer Level" function <br>Upward revised the method of calculating streamer points.
"Unicorn group (Lv13)" has been added to the top level.
Streamers of the Red Panda group (Lv11) and above can now obtain a dedicated pooled broadcast slot even when the regular broadcast slot is full.

-Improved the "Jumbo Rock, Paper, Scissors" function <br>Aiko no longer loses.

・You can now choose to have your name notified when you present Heart Points and Titles <br>Previously, Heart Points were completely anonymous, and Titles were only notified of the name to the streamer.
You can now select ``Completely Anonymous'' and ``Name Notification Only to Streamer'' for each.

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