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2016, 06/14 09:22 (2961day) Posted | 2016, 06/22 03:12 (2954day) Updated
・Added a search function for deleted addresses
You can usually delete the address and re-register the address only when necessary to avoid spam.

At this time, it was difficult to find the desired address from the huge number of deleted addresses,
The deleted address search implemented this time allows you to search from some or all addresses and aliases,
Now you can use it more conveniently.

・Added domain fix function for auto-generated address <br>The domain is set randomly in the auto-generated address, but it is now possible to fix it.

Please turn on "Fix domain when auto-generating address" in "Advanced settings",
If you manually generate an address by specifying a domain from "Add by specifying an email address" only once,
From then on, auto-generation will only use the specified domain.

・Added a function to detect source spoofing <br>Added a function to detect source address spoofing by standard detection method (SPF) and original detection method.
For typical low-level impersonation, the risk of phishing and fraudulent emails is extremely high, so emails are automatically deleted.
(You can view it from deleted emails.)

For other spoofing that uses a proxy sender while complying with SPF,
The original sender's address is displayed at the end of the email to call attention.

The original address is also displayed when using a bulk proxy sending service such as mpse, or when other addresses are imported by Gmail.

・Improved safety and fixed bugs
Stronger CSRF countermeasures,
We have fixed the problem that attached files with no original name or extension cannot be displayed.

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