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2016, 01/30 06:01 (3038day) Posted | 2016, 01/30 06:14 (3038day) Updated

Throwaway email address [Mail address Poipoi] iOS app version v1.7.0 has been released.

・Compatible with high resolution environments such as iPhone6/6s Plus <br>Due to high resolution, text will be displayed small in the initial state,
If you do not like it, please use the upper left gear → Advanced settings → Change font size to make it larger.

・Improved the behavior when the communication speed is extremely slow, such as when the speed is limited. <br>There is a lot of loading time when starting the app from a closed state.
Once started, caching takes effect, so you can use it comfortably even under speed limits.
Please try not to close the app as much as possible.

-Fixed an issue where the function to float left and right was not available for additional keyboards.
You can now fully utilize the functionality of external keyboards such as ATOK and Shimeji.

-Improved the design and behavior during loading
-Improved the behavior when getting new emails
-Improved the design

・Fixed an issue where the bottom menu could not be pressed if ads were forcibly hidden after jailbreak.Of course, modified environments are not supported. Please use it in a regular environment.
We took special measures this time due to the large number of complaints.
Please note that it cannot be used normally in a modified environment. (That's what cheating is all about)

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