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2016, 02/17 04:58 (3042day) Posted
The handling and functionality of attachments for throwaway email addresses has been changed as follows.

・About attached files when receiving from discarded emails <br> Only "images", "music" and "videos" are supported for attached files of received emails.
→ Added "Music" and "Video".
You can receive up to 10MB per file and a total of 10MB per email.
→ Size restrictions have been relaxed.
Other files are intentionally not supported for security reasons and will be deleted.
→ Added a function to display the reason for deletion.

About attached files when sending from a discarded email address <br>When attaching directly to an email, only "images", "music" and "videos" can be sent up to 3MB per file x 3 files, up to 9MB per email.
→ Previously, any file could be sent, but as a countermeasure against abuse, it has been changed to only "images", "music" and "videos".
If you want to send a zip file, etc., please use "Large capacity upload" from "Detailed operations for attached files".
You can send files up to 1GB with URL attachments.
→No changes regarding large-capacity uploads

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