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2016, 04/12 10:50 (2929day) Posted

Throwaway email address [Mail address Poipoi] iOS app version v1.8.6 and Android app version v1.8.1 have been released.
Already available on the app store.

- Added "color theme" function.
You can change it from the "Detailed Settings" screen.
You can choose from 8 types: Default, Sakura Pink, Kusama Yellow, Turquoise, Blue Sky, Forest, Blood, and Gray.

-You can now change the sound of push notifications (new email notifications).
For iOS, this can be changed from the "Advanced Settings" screen, and will be a common setting for all accounts.
On Android, this can be changed from the settings menu and is a setting for each device.
You can choose from default (traditional sound), 1 type of Kukusama voice, 3 types of cat voice, and 1 type of sound effect.

- The settings menu has been renewed.
A new settings menu will be displayed on all versions of iOS and devices with Android v3 or later.

- Improved response speed.
The speed when checking a checkbox or tapping the opening/closing panel has been improved and now moves smoothly.

- Changed the behavior when push notifications are sent while using the app. (iOS)
Previously, notifications were displayed above the bottom menu, which was a nuisance when notifications came frequently.
We have improved the specifications so that the inbox icon only turns red.

-Improved the text of push notifications. (iOS)
Previously, only the subject of the email was displayed, but now the sender address is also displayed.
If an alias is set for the sender address, it will be replaced with the alias and displayed.

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